ASHRAE Seeking Presenters for Energy Modeling Conference

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is seeking presenters for its 2012 Energy Modeling Conference, which will be held Oct. 1-3 in Atlanta.

With a focus on case studies and real-world examples, the conference is designed to allow an exchange of ideas among design professionals and software developers to facilitate understanding of current modeling tools and their capabilities and limitations and identify the need for new tools and improvements to existing modeling and simulation tools. The conference is intended to guide design professionals toward developing in-house modeling checklists and quality-control procedures to improve their competence and confidence in making decisions and recommendations based on modeling in their day-to-day practices.

Presentations are requested on the following topics:

• HVAC-load analysis.

• Energy modeling.

• The ability of software providers to address specific modeling-system types and applications and energy-simulation programs.

• Code- and standards-compliance issues.

• The impact of ENERGY STAR, LEED, and other high-performance-building guidelines on models.

• Modeling of innovative systems, such as chilled beams, water-source heat pumps, renewables, variable refrigerant flow, cogeneration, labyrinths, and electronically commutated motors.

• Integration of analytic modeling tools with building information modeling.

• Modeling techniques for when tools do not work.

• Simplified and rapid modeling techniques that may be applied for early analysis.

• Integration of daylighting, computational fluid dynamics, and other modeling techniques and results into HVAC simulations.

• Life-cycle-cost analysis.

Presenters will give an oral presentation, have their presentations posted online for conference attendees, and receive a substantially reduced conference registration rate.

A 300- to 500-word abstract, a 100-word “promotion” abstract, and other information are required for a presentation proposal.

The deadline for proposals is Feb. 15. Abstract decisions will be made March 15, with accepted-speaker forms due April 15. Presentations will be due Sept. 1.

For more information and to submit a proposal, click here.

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