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Valves catalog

A 180-page catalog presents comprehensive technical information and drawings of Asahi/America's corrosion-resistant thermoplastic valves and actuators. The catalog provides specifications, pressure-vs.-temperature ratings, detailed parts lists, and features and benefits.
Circle 50

Air-filters handbook

“The Energy and Filter Fact Handbook” from Camfil Farr shows how to reduce energy by choosing the right air filter. The handbook includes minimum-efficiency-reporting-value references, filter-application guidelines, HVAC and conversion formulas, and HVAC rules of thumb.
Camfil Farr
Circle 51

Cooling/heating-coils brochure

A brochure from Greenheck provides details on the company's replacement and original-equipment-manfacturer coils for chilled- and hot-water, direct-expansion-evaporator, heat-reclaim, condenser, standard-steam, non-freeze-steam-distributing, and booster/duct-mounted applications.
Circle 52

Duct-leakage white paper

Because air-duct leakage can impact initial construction costs, energy usage, and system performance, Lindlab has issued a four-page duct-leakage white paper that includes sections on ductwork and ductwork-sealing basics, ductwork-sealing methods, and energy costs.
Lindab Inc.
Circle 53

Vents catalog

The B-Vent product catalog is a complete listing and description of Metal-Fab's 3- to 30-in. diameter vents for light-commercial, institutional, and industrial installations. The catalog includes product listings, photos/illustrations, customer testimonials, and a comparison chart.
Metal-Fab Inc.
Circle 54

Chillers pamphlet

A pamphlet from Multistack describes the company's XFU 120-600 magnetic centrifugal chiller, virtual moveable-end-cap water-to-water heat pump, ASP 30X air-cooled modular chiller, dedicated heat-recovery chiller, and ASP 20 aero-thermal air-to-water heat pump.
Circle 55

Data-loggers white paper

A white paper from Onset, “Using Data Loggers to Meet LEED Existing Building Certification Credits,” provides information about how data loggers can make earning Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings operation-and-maintenance credits easier.
Onset Computer Corp.
Circle 56

Chimney-systems brochure

A brochure from Schebler details the company's line of prefabricated chimneys, engineered stacks, and grease ducts. Featured is the eVent series of prefabricated chimney systems for high-efficiency condensing boilers. The systems are designed to reduce materials, space, and installation time.
Schebler Chimney Systems
Circle 57

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