Closed-cell insulation

Armacell LLC published an educational brochure on the benefits of closed-cell insulation for school HVAC systems. Moisture control, efficiency, and IAQ are addressed, as well as why closed cell and its non-wicking material outperforms other types of insulation.
Armacell LLC
Circle 40

Precision-cooling equipment

A guide to precision-cooling equipment for large, medium, and small computer installations was published by Data Aire Inc. This guide presents a basic overview and understanding of precision-cooling equipment and answers to questions every data-center owner should ask.
Data Aire Inc.
Circle 41

Economizer brochure

A six-page brochure highlights the features and benefits of Kentube Engineered Products' X-ID economizer for small fire-tube applications, cylindrical economizers for larger boiler applications, and rectangular economizers for traditional 15,000-to-500,000-pph-and-greater applications.
Kentube Engineered Products
Circle 42

Fluid-cooler system

In a new brochure, Marley describes the MH Fluid Cooler with CoolBoost, a fluid cooler that uses mechanical, induced-draft, and crossflow technology and fill media. The cooler is built to handle 100 to 650 tons of fluids ranging from water to glycols, quench oils, and plating solutions.
Circle 43

Gas-monitoring-sensor bulletin

MSA released a bulletin detailing the features and benefits of MSA Z Gard S sensors. These sensors are designed to detect the presence of carbon mon-oxide, nitrogen dioxide, or refrigerants in air. All sensors are available with two output versions: a 4-20mA analog or addressable RS485 digital signal.
MSA Instrument Division
Circle 44

Hydronic heating systems

The Raytherm Selection Guide outlines Raypak's full line of atmospheric commercial hydronic heating boilers, water heaters, and packaged systems. Charts display specifications, dimensional drawings, and H, WH, and NH features. Also shown are flow and recovery rates and pressure drops.
Circle 45

Air-filtration system

A new brochure from SpacePak introduces PurePak, an electronic air-filtration system. This brochure explains how harmful airborne particles have been linked to a number of health problems and how PurePak protects individuals from airborne allergens, bacteria, mold, pollen, and smoke.
Circle 46

Constant-pressure controller

Tjernlund published a brochure describing its constant-pressure controller, CPC-3. The brochure outlines the process that the CPC-3 goes through when monitoring and adjusting fan speed. It also defines how to select the correct equipment, programming options, and installation.
Circle 47

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