Networking-products brochure

“Network With Us” provides a compact presentation of Contemporary Controls' 32-year growth in the design, manufacture, and support of networking products. The brochure includes information on the company's line of Arcnet hubs, Ethernet switches, and protocol-aware routers.
Contemporary Controls
Circle 40

HVAC-refurbishment pamphlet

A pamphlet from Dadanco describes the conversion of an all-air system to active chilled-beam perimeter and infuser-center zones. The pamphlet describes the project, including the building and systems used. Design criteria, solutions, and challenges also are discussed.
Circle 41

Applications guide

An applications guide from Honeywell Power Products provides access to information on the company's power supplies for fire, video, intrusion, and access-control systems. The guide is available as a tabulated three-ring binder or an intuitive-graphics program on a CD.
Honeywell Power Products
Circle 42

High-low-systems bulletin

Leonard Valve's new-generation high-low systems with dual thermostatic mixing valves are described in a six-page color bulletin that includes photos, tables, and graphs. Flow capacities, a sample specification form, and required piping-method diagrams are highlighted.
Leonard Valve Co.
Circle 43

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