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Steam humidifiers

Light-commercial steam humidifiers feature a short absorption distance that allows installation in tight duct configurations; a stainless-steel steam chamber, frame, and housing; and compatibility with standard tap and softened water. A 12-pph-unit, Model 1150 has a simple on/off control. A 24-pph-unit, Model 1160 features a modulating output that regulates the humidifier's output based on a building's humidity needs. The units include a steam-humidifier control, airflow-proving switch, steam-distribution tube, and 10 ft of flexible steam hose.
— Aprilaire
Circle 20

Electric steam humidifiers

HeaterSteam electric-element steam humidifiers include a cleanable steam generator, fourth-generation controls that automatically adjust drain and fill cycles according to water conductivity, and an anti-foaming system. Solid-state relays allow the humidifiers to track right on a control signal and draw circles on humidity charts. With capacities of 1 to 135 pph and efficiencies of 94 percent, the units' other features include a stainless-steel boiling chamber; aluminum-cast embedded elements; multiple communication capabilities, such as Modbus, BACnet, WebGate, etc.; an external electronic water-level float; and HumiVisor remote-monitoring capability. Applications include cleanrooms, hospitals/operating rooms, laboratories, museums/libraries, and test chambers.
— Carel USA
Circle 21

Atomizing systems

High-pressure atomizing systems deliver industrial-grade humidification. A high-pressure pump propels purified, unheated water past a small turbine inside each dispersion nozzle, fragmenting the water droplets into ultrafine particles that absorb quickly in warm air-handler air streams or open spaces. As atomized water droplets are absorbed, air temperature drops, reducing the cooling load and providing energy savings when cooling and humidifying simultaneously. A controller monitors multiple conditions to modulate and control nozzle operation, optimizing absorption and minimizing water waste.
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