Energy-recovery ventilators

German-engineered, energy-recovery ventilators offer a 6-in.-diameter collar system that is designed for one-person installation. Other features include a sloped drain pan, balancing system, and backward, inclined motor blades. The heat-recovery core acts as a noise attenuator when outside air is pushed through the heat exchanger, ensuring quiet operation. Two operating modes (intermittent and continuous) combine with the variable-speed and proportional-evacuation-defrost capability.
— Source 1
Circle 120

Indoor-air handlers

Destiny low-pressure indoor-air handlers now are available with an electric-heat option, providing a heating and cooling system in one unit. Heat output ranges from 1.5 to 55 kw, depending on unit size. Up to four steps of control are available to meet load requirements without overheating or short-cycling. Single-point power to the fan and heater helps minimize installation costs.
— McQuay
Circle 121

Upblast roof ventilators

UDVL direct-drive upblast roof ventilators are constructed with a heavy-duty welded-steel base, galvanized butterfly-damper section, and spark-resistant cast-aluminum airfoil axial impeller. The ventilators are available in diameters from 18 to 60 in., with capacities of up to 54,000 cfm. Features include a weatherproof enclosure for vertical air discharge and factory-set adjustable pitch blades.
— Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc.
Circle 122

Air filters

The Purafilter-OA is a combination particulate and chemical filter. It is designed for use in high-occupancy commercial environments, such as hospitals, office buildings, and airports, where the outdoor-air quality is questionable and optimal indoor-air quality is a requirement. The filter also can be used for odor control from indoor or outdoor contaminant sources.
— Purafil Inc.
Circle 123

Indoor-air-quality system

The Wringer indoor-air quality (IAQ) system is designed to address IAQ problems associated with mold and mildew. The unit delivers 100-percent outdoor air, which is dehumidified and reheated to room temperature using 30-percent less energy than conventional systems.
— Munters Corp.
Circle 124

Air-conditioner air filters

Halcyon ductless air-conditioning and heat-pump systems come with an indoor-air-quality filter that improves the air quality within a conditioned space. The units feature charged plasma-ionization and electrostatic-filtration systems that ionize and neutralize airborne contaminants, providing clean air.
— Fujitsu
Circle 125

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