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Webinar On-Demand: How Reusable Insulation Blankets Can Save Big

LISTEN: In this 55-minute audio program originally webcast Dec. 13, two veteran healthcare facilities engineers discuss their strategic use of customized insulation to find substantial energy savings.

HPAC Engineering's Rob McManamy serves as moderator and relays questions from our audience in this latest edition of our industry webinar series. This episode is sponsored by Shannon Enterprises.

Many energy experts say the key to long-term energy savings is developing a strategy employing reusable insulation on components requiring periodic inspection and repair. Done right, it’s a way to save billions of BTUs and fuel costs within less than a year while increasing safety and profitability. Randy Haines and Karen Seward know this firsthand. The energy manager at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Haines says the primary reason he invested in reusable thermal insulation was for the payback. Seward, director of facilities engineering for Albany Medical Center, adds, “People budget for fuel costs. But they don’t always think about the initial outlay for reusable blankets as something that will pay for itself and make them money into the future.” Here, Haines and Seward explain how their organizations analyzed where they were losing energy, and why they picked a customized solution that continues to save them hundreds of thousands of dollars annually across their massive physical plants.

Participants learn:

  • What goes into a proper energy audit;
  • Where to look for energy savings across a system;
  • How to approach a utility for potential custom rebates;
  • How to develop an insulation strategy for particular applications;
  • How to develop the lifecycle cost for an insulation program;
  • The problems that arise from incorrectly installed insulated systems and components;
  • The definition of reusable insulation, and what to look for in a reusable insulation system


Karen S. Seward, P.E., Director of Facilities Engineering, Albany Medical Center, Albany NY
Randolph L. Haines, CEM, CLEP, Energy Manager, Energy Services Dept., Jefferson Health System, Philadelphia PA

The content is now accessible online and will remain so for one year. To listen at your convenience, just register here.

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