Deltas interface at AHR 2015 Hal Conick
<p>Delta&#39;s interface at AHR 2015.</p>

Efficiently Managing Buildings with Smart Technology

Every building manager and owner is likely trying to find the next step toward efficiency and saving money within their structure. At this year’s AHR Expo in Chicago, many companies offered up smart controls and thermostats that could help do just that.

Contracting Business’ Hal Conick put together some of the best and brightest of this year’s smart technology offerings, including control panels and a human interface machine from Delta.

At AHR, Delta featured their “Hassle-free HVAC Panel,” which is BACnet compliant and is able to optimize the performance of HVAC systems. This goes a long way toward reducing energy costs, with improved scheduling and control of costs. The company also had its Delta Human Machine Interface on display, which is fully programmable and offers communication between multiple devices. These systems can help give big data breakdowns, real-time metrics and more.

Visit Contracting Business to look at Delta’s offering and 10 others from this year’s AHR Expo. Which one do you think would work best in your building? Let us know on HPAC Engineering’s Facebook page.

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