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G. Smith Motorsports

Low-Speed Fans Lend a Hand in the Showroom of a High-Speed Business

July 24, 2013
High-volume, low-speed fans provide improvements in cooling and humidity control in the showroom of a custom motorcycle manufacturer.

G. Smith Motorsports is a custom motorcycle manufacturer in Saint Rose, La., about 30 min outside of New Orleans. The company is a pioneer in motor customization and prides itself on providing customers with the latest technology and upgrades. Every vehicle that leaves the building is considered a work of art, and the company uses its 20,000-sq-ft space as a museum-like showroom where employees entertain high-end clients.

The main space of G. Smith Motorsports is both a showroom and a museum.

G. Smith Motorsports was looking for a way to keep visitors and staff cool while also keeping its expensive, custom creations moisture-free.

When the team at G. Smith Motorsports started looking to fight the warm, humid days in the bayou of Louisiana, they looked for cutting-edge technology with energy-saving benefits. The company ultimately found a simple and highly effective solution in high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans.

Cooler Spaces, Reduced Humidity

The company’s existing air conditioning system did not have the power necessary to completely cool the space. The system’s ductwork was mounted near the building’s ceiling, and much of the conditioned air never made it to floor level.

Jason Hornsby, an HVAC representative with Vector Sales Inc., worked with G. Smith Motorsports to identify the right system for the company’s environment and reduce energy costs. G. Smith Motorsports also did its HVLS homework: The company compared different HVLS products on the market and selected MacroAir fans based on its quality customer service and competitive pricing.

MacroAir’s NASA-engineered 6ixBlade fan technology creates a large column of air that moves through spaces in a “down-and-out” motion,  pushing air down to the floor and then out to every corner of the space before being moving it back through the cycle.

HVLS fans also reduce humidity by continually redistributing air, which prevents the air from becoming saturated with moisture.

Immediate Results and Quick ROI

With the humidity and heat challenges G. Smith Motorsports faced, the company turned to HVLS technology to supplement its HVAC system. Two 20-ft AirVolution fans were installed in the company’s showroom, and the results were felt right away.

A MacroAir high-volume, low-speed fan in place at G. Smith Motorsports.

“Our utility bill dropped immediately, and we saw the savings in the first month,” Gary Smith Sr., president of G. Smith Motorsports, said.

He estimated the immediate monthly savings at $1,800.

“We’ll see a return on our investment in 18 months, if not sooner,” Smith said.
The MacroAir HVLS fans allow the company to run its air-conditioning system at a lower level, and the company was surprised by how little maintenance the fans require.

“We don’t have a moisture issue anymore,” G. Smith Motorsports Service Manager Johnny Bombara said. “It’s a cool fan and it goes with what we do: High-end fans with the high-end products that we offer.”

To watch a video of how MacroAir HVLS fans were applied at G. Smith Motorsports, go to