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Papers Sought for 2015 ASHRAE Annual Conference

Aug. 12, 2014
Tracks include Indoor Air Quality, Modeling Throughout the Building Life Cycle, High Performance Buildings, and Building Operation, Maintenance and Optimization/Commissioning.

ASHRAE is seeking papers for its 2015 Annual Conference, which will be held June 27 to July 1 in Atlanta.

The conference’s nine tracks are:
  • HVAC&R Systems and Equipment. Papers on new and improved equipment and systems offering improved efficiency are particularly welcome.
  • HVAC&R Fundamentals and Applications.
  • Research Summit. Research results related to any aspect of heating, cooling, and other uses of energy in buildings are welcome.
  • Refrigeration. Papers on all aspects of refrigeration, particularly related technologies intended to reduce the use of traditional refrigerants, are sought.
  • Building Operation, Maintenance and Optimization/Commissioning.
  • Indoor Air Quality. Papers exploring links between indoor-air quality (IAQ), comfort, and occupant satisfaction, productivity, and health—particularly in ways that make the case for high levels of IAQ compelling to building owners—are sought.
  • Modeling Throughout the Building Life Cycle. Papers related to all aspects of building modeling, particularly successful applications that have extended modeling into operational phases of the building life cycle, are sought.
  • High Performance Buildings. Papers on the design and measured performance of commercial and industrial buildings around the world are sought. Of particular interest are papers identifying reasons buildings designed for high performance have fallen considerably short of design intent.
  • Moving Advanced Energy Design Guidance to the Mainstream. Papers on the use of ASHRAE’s Advanced Energy Design Guides and other like methods for achieving a 50-percent reduction in energy use are sought.

Two types of papers are sought: conference and technical.

Abstracts for conference papers are due Sept. 22, 2014. Once an abstract is accepted, authors will have until Jan. 5, 2015, to submit a completed paper, which will undergo a single-blind review.

Full technical papers are due Sept. 22, 2014. These papers will undergo a rigorous double-blind review and be published in ASHRAE Transactions.

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