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2017 ASHRAE Chapter Program Star Award Timothy Wentz Chun-Sing Wong ASHRAE
ASHRAE 2016-17 President Timothy G. Wentz, PE, FASHRAE, HBDP, (left) presents the Chapter Program Star Award to Chun-Sing Wong, PhD, BEAP.

ASHRAE Recognizes HVACR Contributions at 2017 Annual Conference

ASHRAE recognized 111 members for their achievements and their contributions to furthering energy efficiency in the HVACR industry during its 2017 Annual Conference.

ASHRAE recognized 111 members for their achievements and their contributions to furthering energy efficiency in the HVACR industry during its 2017 Annual Conference, held June 24-28 in Long Beach, Calif.

Louise & Bill Holladay Distinguished Fellow Award

Initiated in 1979 by Presidential Member Bill Holladay and given to an ASHRAE Fellow for continuous preeminence in engineering or research work, the 2017 Louise & Bill Holladay Distinguished Fellow Award was presented to Zahid H. Ayub, PhD, PE, technical director, Isotherm Inc., Arlington, Texas.

Distinguished 50-Year Member Award

The Distinguished 50-Year Member Award is given to individuals who have been a member for 50 years or more and have performed outstanding service. For 2017, the following received the award:

  • Luc Bertrand, ING., Fellow/Life Member, Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada.
  • Raymond Cohen, PhD, PE, Fellow/Life Member, emeritus professor of engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind.
  • Emil E. Friberg, PE, Fellow/Life Member, Arlington, Texas.
  • Warren G. Hahn, PE, Fellow/Life Member, CEO, Hahn Engineering Inc., Tampa, Fla.
  • Gordon V.R. Holness, PE, Presidential Fellow/Life Member, West Palm Beach, Fla.
  • S. Louis Kelter, PE, Fellow/Life Member, Somerset, N.J.
  • Rodney H. Lewis, PE, Fellow/Life Member, Austin, Texas.
  • Richard P. Lortie, Fellow/Life Member, Winston Salem, N.C.
  • George E. Menzies, P.Eng., Life Member, H&S director, FibreCast Inc., Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
  • Erling J. Olsen, PE, Fellow/Life Member, Bainbridge Island, Wash.
  • Robert D. Pagliasotti, Life Member, Lakewood, Colo.
  • Richard J. Pearson, PE, Fellow/Life Member, president, Pearson Forensic Engineering, Madison, Wis.
  • Alberto J. Sanchez, PE, Fellow/Life Member, Blue Bell, Pa.
  • Eugene Stamper, PE, Fellow/Life Member, Teaneck, N.J.
  • Laurance S. Staples Jr., Life Member, Prairie Village, Kan.
  • Sunny C.L. Tan, Fellow/Life Member, principal, Building Services Consultants, Singapore.

Andrew T. Boggs Service Award

Named for the ASHRAE executive vice president emeritus, the Andrew T. Boggs Service Award recognizes an Exceptional Service Award recipient for continuing unselfish, dedicated, and distinguished service. The award for 2017 was presented to Steven T. Taylor, PE, FASHRAE, principal, Taylor Engineering LLC, Alameda, Calif.

Distinguished Service Award

Saluting members of any grade who have served ASHRAE faithfully and with distinction and who have given freely of their time and talent in chapter, regional, and society activities, the Distinguished Service Award was presented to:

  • Eric W. Adams, PhD, senior lecturer, Indiana University–Purdue University, Indianapolis.
  • Nerses (Nick) Agopian, vice president, RenewAire LLC, Madison, Wis.
  • Jason A. Atkisson, PE, principal, Affiliated Engineers Inc., Madison, Wis.
  • Vikrant C. Aute, PhD, associate research scientist, University of Maryland, College Park, Md.
  • Robert Bean, president, Indoor Climate Consultants, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • Barry B. Bridges, PE, CPMP, Life Member, senior mechanical engineer, NV5, St. Paul, Minn.
  • Tina M. Brueckner, engineering manager, design team, Energy Systems Group, Eagan, Minn.
  • Oswaldo de Siqueira Bueno, P.Eng., BEAP, Life Member, owner and engineering director, Oswaldo Bueno Engenharia, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Douglas Cane, retired, London, Ontario, Canada.
  • James A. Carlson, principal engineer, Seismic Source International, Omaha, Neb.
  • Joseph A. Chin, PE, senior project manager, Western Allied Mechanical Inc., Menlo Park, Calif.
  • Leonard A. Damiano, retired, Longs, S.C.
  • Abdel K. Darwich, PE, HFDP, associate principal, Guttmann and Blaevoet, Sacramento, Calif.
  • Hywel Davies, PhD, technical director, Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers, London.
  • Larry O. Degelman, PE, Life Member, professor emeritus of architecture, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.
  • John F. Dunlap, PE, Fellow/Life Member, president, Dunlap and Partners Engineers, Richmond, Va.
  • Annette Dwyer, technical product manager, evaporative-media research and development, Munters Corp., Fort Myers Beach, Fla.
  • Jim Earley, PE, business-development manager, Hill Company Inc., Roswell, Ga.
  • Blake E. Ellis, PE, principal, Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City, Mo.
  • Christopher M. Gray, PhD, PE, regional sales manager, Georgia Power Co., Columbus, Ga.
  • Kamel Haddad, PhD, senior research engineer, CanmetENERGY Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • Paul M. Haydock, PE, staff engineer, Carrier Corp., Indianapolis.
  • Roger L. Hedrick, principal engineer, NORESCO, Boulder, Colo.
  • N. Eileen Jensen, PE, standards engineer, Bonneville Power Administration, Vancouver, Wash.
  • Amir Jokar, PhD, PE, managing engineer, Exponent Inc., Irvine, Calif.
  • Roger K. Jones, PE, account executive, EMS Technologies Inc., Crofton, Md.
  • Stephen Kujak, director of next-generation refrigerant research, Ingersoll Rand, La Crosse, Wis.
  • Jon Christopher Larry, PE, director of energy engineering, EXP US Services Inc., Richmond, Va.
  • Jennifer E. Leach, PE, regional sales manager, Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley, East Stroudsburg, Pa.
  • Thomas J. Leck, PhD, president, TJLeck Consulting Services, Hockessin, Del.
  • Michel Lecompte, Life Member, vice president of engineering and R&D, RefPlus Inc., St. Hubert, Quebec, Canada.
  • Paul A. Lindahl Jr., consultant, SPX Cooling Technologies Inc., Overland Park, Kan.
  • Wahid Maref, PhD, professor, École de Technologie Supérieure/Construction Department Engineering, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Sarah E. Maston, PE, CPMP, president, Green Footprints Commissioning Inc., Hudson, Mass.
  • Francis A. Mills, Life Member, principal, Frank Mills Consulting, Leyland, Lancashire, United Kingdom.
  • Ronnie R. Moffitt, PE, senior principal applications engineer, Ingersoll Rand, Lexington, Ky.
  • Frank Thomas Morrison, technical director, global marketing, Baltimore Aircoil Co., Jessup, Md.
  • Robert Alan Neely, regional manager, Pittsburgh Corning-Foamglas Insulation, The Woodlands, Texas.
  • Roger M. Pasch, PE, Life Member, president, Pasch Enterprises LLC, Eden Prairie, Minn.
  • Michael P. Patton, international sales manager, Griswold Water Systems, Irvine, Calif.
  • Michael A. Pouchak, PE, systems architect, Honeywell International, Golden Valley, Minn.
  • Irene Reichert, owner, S.I.R., Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Lee Riback, commissioning manager, South Region, McKinstry Co., Dallas.
  • William A. Ryan, PhD, PE, clinical associate professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago.
  • Kenneth Schultz, PhD, principal engineer, Ingersoll Rand, La Crosse, Wis.
  • Leon E. Shapiro, president, 21st Century Water Solutions, Oak Park, Calif.
  • Thursten D. Simonsen, PE, HBDP, business-development manager, Performance Services Inc., San Antonio, Texas.
  • Russell J. Stuber, principal, U&S Services Inc., Tonawanda, N.Y.
  • Zuraimi M. Sultan, PhD, senior research fellow, Building Energy Efficiency Hub, Department of Building, School of Design and Environment, Singapore.
  • Len Swatkowski, director of plant operations, Oceanaire Inc., Morton Grove, Ill.
  • Megan M. Tosh, PE, BEMP, product manager, IES Ltd., Portland, Ore.
  • Pawel Wargocki, PhD, associate professor, International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy, Department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Kongens Lyngby.
  • Bede W. Wellford, renewables sales manager, Viessmann Manufacturing Company (U.S.) Inc., Warwick, R.I.
  • Philip J. Winters, PE, vice president of product development, Environmental Air Division, Filtration Group, Chicago.
  • Xiaohui Zhou, PhD, PE, energy-efficiency program manager, Iowa Energy Center, Ames, Iowa.
  • Wangda Zuo, PhD, assistant professor, Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Fla.

​Exceptional Service Award

Recognizing Distinguished Service Award recipients who have continued to serve faithfully and with exemplary effort, the Exceptional Service Award was given to:

  • Erich Binder, president, Erich Binder Consulting Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • Steven T. Bushby, FASHRAE, leader, Mechanical Systems and Controls Group, Engineering Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Md.
  • Samuel D. Cummings Jr., PE, Fellow/Life Member, Little Rock, Ark.
  • Patricia T. Graef, PE, Fellow/Life Member, senior engineer, Munters Corp., Fort Myers, Fla.
  • Essam E. Khalil, PhD, FASHRAE, professor, Cairo University, Egypt.
  • Kishor Khankari, PhD, FASHRAE, president, AnSight LLC, Ann Arbor, Mich.
  • Bert Phillips, P.Eng., Life Member, president, UNIES Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

ASHRAE Journal Paper Award

Recognizing the best article published in ASHRAE Journal the previous year, the Journal Paper Award was presented to Hugh Crowther, P.Eng., vice president of engineering, and Yi Teng Ma, applications engineer, Swegon, Markham, Ontario, Canada, for “Design Considerations for Dedicated OA Systems,” published in March 2016.

Crosby Field Award

Named for a former presidential member, the Crosby Field Award recognizes the best paper presented before the society. Receiving the award for 2017 were Stephen Kujak, director of next-generation refrigerant research, Ingersoll Rand, La Crosse, Wis., and Edward McCampbell Hamilton, lab director, McCampbell Analytical Inc., Pittsburg, Calif., for “Examination of the Reactions of R-40 With R-134a and POE Refrigeration System Materials.”

Science and Technology for the Built Environment Best Paper Award

Recognizing the best referred paper published in the volume year of Science and Technology for the Built Environment, the ASHRAE research journal, the Science and Technology for the Built Environment Best Paper Award was presented to Nesreen Ghaddar, PhD, professor of mechanical engineering, American University of Beirut, Lebanon, Bachir El Fil, PhD candidate, mechanical engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, and Kamel Ghali, PhD, professor and Mechanical Engineering Department chair, American University of Beirut, for “Optimizing Performance of Ceiling Mounted Personalized Ventilation System Assisted by Chair Fans: Assessment of Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality,” published in March 2016.

ASHRAE Technical Paper Award

Recognizing the best papers presented at society conferences, the Technical Paper Award was presented to:

  • Dennis L. O’Neal, PhD, PE, FASHRAE, Life Member, dean, School of Engineering and Computer Science, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, Carl Lewis Reid, Austin, Texas, and Peng Yin, PhD, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, for “Characterizing the Performance of Fixed-Airflow Series Fan-Powered Terminal Units Using a Mass and Energy Balance Approach.”
  • James A. Milke, PhD, PE, professor and chair, Department of Fire Protection Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, Md., Christine Pongratz, fire engineer, London, and Arnaud Trouvé, PhD, professor and director of graduate studies, Department of Fire Protection Engineering, University of Maryland, for “A CFD Study to Identify Methods to Increase Maximum Velocity of Makeup Air for Atrium Smoke Control.”
  • Nicholas Gayeski, PhD, co-founder and CEO, KGS Buildings, Somerville, Mass., Stephen Samouhos, PhD, PE, co-founder, KGS Buildings, and mechanical engineer, Evco Mechanical, West Orange, N.J., Siân Kleindienst, PhD, partner and chief scientist, KGS Buildings, Ryan Cruz, onboarding team manager, KGS Buildings, Jaime Gagne, PhD, principal building scientist, KGS Buildings, and Bradley Werntz, co-founder and director of operations, Skedaddle Inc., Boston, for “Data and Interfaces for Advanced Building Operations and Maintenance.”
  • Kathleen Sturtevant, project engineer, ERS, North Andover, Mass., Alexandra Brogan, energy engineer, Plug Smart, Columbus, Ohio, Zachary Valigosky, energy engineer, CLEAResult, Des Moines, Iowa, Vijay Gopalakrishnan, Project Engineer II, ERS, and John Kelly Kissock, PhD, PE, chair, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering/Renewable and Clean Energy, University of Dayton, Ohio, for “Improving Variable-Speed Pumping Control to Maximize Savings.”

Willis H. Carrier Award

Recognizing members 32 years of age or younger for presenting an outstanding paper at a society conference, the Willis H. Carrier Award was given to Carl Lewis Reid, Austin, Texas, and Peng Yin, PhD, assistant professor, mechanical engineering, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, for “Characterizing the Performance of Fixed-Airflow Series Fan-Powered Terminal Units Using a Mass and Energy Balance Approach.”

Lincoln Bouillon Award

Commemorating Presidential Member Bouillon’s efforts in recruiting new members, the Lincoln Bouillon Award recognizes a member who performs the most outstanding work in increasing membership. The award for 2017 was presented to Jason R. Urso, PE, senior mechanical engineer and project engineer, Tighe & Bond, Westfield, Mass., a member of ASHRAE’s Connecticut chapter.

William J. Collins, Jr. RP Award

Named in honor of Presidential Member Collins, the William J. Collins, Jr. RP Award recognizes a chapter RP chair who excels in raising funds for ASHRAE’s RP campaign. For 2017, the award was presented to Patrick Huang, C.Eng., engineer, ARUP, Hong Kong, a member of ASHRAE’s Hong Kong chapter.

Environmental Health Award

W. Gene Tucker, PhD, who is retired and resides in Cary, N.C., received the Environmental Health Award for excellence in volunteer service focused on environmental-health issues.

Government Advocacy Award

Recognizing individuals for outstanding effort and achievement in state, provincial, and local government activities in connection with technical issues related to the society, the Government Advocacy Award was presented to Sam C. M. Hui, PhD, C.Eng., BEAP, BEMP, HBDP, assistant professor, technology and higher education, Institute of Hong Kong, a member of ASHRAE’s Hong Kong chapter.

Lou Flagg Historical Award

Named in recognition of Presidential Member Lou Flagg, who promoted an interest in history, the Lou Flagg Historical Award is given for preparing the most outstanding historical presentation related to HVACR. The award for 2017 was presented to Dusty Stoabs, PE, CPMP, mechanical engineer, Streets LLC, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Homer Addams Award

Recognizing a graduate student who has achieved a high standard of performance in an ASHRAE research project at a university with graduate programs in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, the Homer Addams Award was given to Parham Azimi, a post doctorate research associate at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

Standards Achievement Award

Steven T. Bushby, FASHRAE, leader, Mechanical Systems and Controls Group, Engineering Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Md., received the Standards Achievement Award for exceptional service in the area of standards leadership and technical contribution.

Chapter Program Star Award

Given for excellence in chapter program endeavors, the Chapter Program Star Award was presented to Chun-Sing Wong, PhD, BEAP, technical manager, International Finance Centre Management Co. Ltd., Hong Kong, a member of ASHRAE’s Hong Kong chapter.

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