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Danfoss Drives Celebrates 50 Years in Air-Conditioning Industry

In 1968, it was the first company to mass-produce air-conditioning drives.

In 2018, Danfoss Drives, part of the Danfoss group, celebrates a milestone in its history. Fifty years ago, it was the first company to mass-produce air-conditioning drives. Since 1968, its portfolio of high-quality, application-optimized products and services has been designed to maximize process performance, save energy and minimize emissions.

Today, the company is working on technology that, for example, tackles climate change, helps cope with rapid urbanization, provides successful and sustained water and wastewater management, and bridges the lag between energy generation and consumption. In addition, the latest trends in automation and connectivity are allowing Danfoss to change the way it works to further drive customer success and provide an ultimate, end-to-end, digital experience.

In 2025, it is estimated that more than 5 billion people (more than 50% of the estimated world population) will benefit directly or indirectly from the benefits provided by air-conditioning drives in their everyday lives. The installed base of AC drives is predicted to help save the annual equivalent of 60 hours of global energy consumption.

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