One of the many pictures from the Wall of Shame on Contracting Business
<p>One of the many pictures from the Wall of Shame on Contracting Business.</p>

Don’t Let These Contractors Work on Your Building

If you’re looking for a new or updated HVAC system in your building, your best bet is to not let the contractors whose work is featured in this gallery anywhere near your job.

On our sister site, Contracting Business, the staff compiled a large photo gallery of some of the worst HVAC jobs. This is known as the Wall of Shame. Just look at the featured photo above. Here’s the explainer:

Un-B-Leave-able. This may be the most horrendous photo we've seen in the "Wall of Shame." "They wanted to know what it would take to 'improve the duct system.' writes Isadoka. "Some unspecified person told the owner that the duct work 'might not be quite right.'" "Person who did that should go to jail," wrote another reputable contractor. This was his first time viewing this monstrosity. "The manager of the building told me it has been this way for about a year," Izadoka said. "Some of the flex has standing water inside it."

Visit Contracting Business’ website for more from the Wall of Shame. Any horror stories of your own? Let us know about it at [email protected].


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