5 Things to Consider 
When Choosing a Building-Project-Delivery Method

The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) recently announced the publication of “Choosing a Project Delivery Method,” a free brochure intended to help building owners determine the project-delivery method best suited to their needs.

Though geared toward owners, the brochure is said to be an easy-to-read resource for anyone in the industry, including practitioners, students, and educators.

"'Choosing a Project Delivery Method' very purposely does not encourage one project-delivery method over others," Lisa Washington, executive director and chief executive officer of DBIA, said. "It is important to choose a delivery method that best meets the unique needs of each owner and their project."

BACAR Constructors' Bill Godwin, DBIA, LEED AP, co-chair of the committee that created the document, said, "While DBIA is not in the business of telling owners to always use design-build, we are dedicated to ensuring owners achieve success in building America's infrastructure, and this document is how that begins."

The document defines and describes the most commonly used project-delivery methods and details key considerations owners must make when choosing between them. Those considerations fall into five categories. Click through this gallery to learn more.

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