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AMCA International Approves Revision To Publication 311

The Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International Inc. has approved the July 2009 revision to AMCA Publication 311, “Certified Ratings Program—Product Rating Manual for Fan Sound Performance,” and is providing a program for certifying a product’s sound performance for rating. Products that can be licensed by AMCA to bear the AMCA Certified Ratings Seal are centrifugal fans, axial fans, power roof ventilators, air curtains, agricultural fans, and other air-moving devices within the product scope of AMCA.

The manual is intended to prescribe technical procedure used in connection with the AMCA Certified Ratings Program for Fans—Sound Performance. The program applies only to complete air-moving devices that already are licensed to bear the AMCA Certified Performance Seal for Air Performance.

The revision provides additional requirements for the sound-performance licensing of air-curtain units (ACUs). Sound performance ratings for ACUs are needed. The AMCA Certified Ratings Program for Fans—Sound Performance included ACUs. However, the specific test setup for ACU sound testing was not specified. To allow the ACU buyer or specifier to compare sound-rating information fairly, a standardized test setup was needed. In general, the Figure 1 test setup found in ANSI/AMCA Standard 300-08, Reverberant Room Method for Sound Testing of Fans, will be used. A new annex in AMCA Publication 311 will describe the specific setup requirements for an ACU. The requirements of ANSI/AMCA Standard 300-08 will continue to be met.

To order this publication, visit, or for further information regarding the program, please contact Joe Brooks at AMCA International at 847-394-0150 or [email protected].

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