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Aquatherm Insurer Increases Coverage Amounts by Millions

Aquatherm Inc. recently announced that Zurich Insurance increased the coverage amounts on Aquatherm polypropylene-random (PP-R) pipes and fittings from $18.5 million to $41 million because of an extremely low loss ratio for Aquatherm installations around the world.

The coverage is divided evenly between property damage and personal injury. Aquatherm’s warranty protects against manufacturer defect for 10 years and covers replacement parts and labor, as well as incidental damage to a building.

“No one else gives a guarantee that’s even close to this,” Ed Eldredge, executive vice president of sales, said.

The low loss ratio of Aquatherm installations is credited in part to the heat-fusion process used to connect pipes and PP-R’s resistance to hard water, freezing, impact, and other “X factors.” Also, for the warranty to be validated, installers must complete Aquatherm factory-certified training, and installations must adhere to the company’s testing and commissioning procedures.

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