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May 10, 2012
Adaptations in Data-Center Cooling; Introducing ASHRAEwiki
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Adaptations in Data-Center Cooling

By KEVIN DUNLAP and JOHN BEAN JR., Schneider Electric, West Kingston, R.I.

Despite inroads made by newer approaches to data-center cooling, such as close-coupled systems, in recent years, changes to industry standards, improved components, and the industry adoption of energy-efficient air management have allowed perimeter cooling to maintain its position as the most widely accepted choice for cooling in mission-critical information-technology environments. This article examines those developments.




ASHRAE Launches new Terminology Site: ASHRAEwiki

Definitions of terms found in ASHRAE standards and other publications can be found at a new Website.


Belimo Introduces Valve- and Actuator-Sizing Tool



Free Revit files for Metraflex engineered piping products Metraflex now offers Revit files for virtually all of its engineered piping products, including seismic joints, expansion joints, valves, compensators, strainers, pipe guides, air vents and more. With features and important information embedded in the files, Metraflex Revit files help engineers ensure the right products will be specified and installed in the engineered piping system. For your free files go to

Patrick Mathieu Takes Over as Armacell CEO

Patrick Mathieu is the new chief executive officer of technical-insulation manufacturer Armacell International.


Deadline for HPAC Engineering Design Awards Extended

The deadline for entries for HPAC Engineering magazine's inaugural Design Awards, a program honoring innovative HVAC- and control-systems engineering in new and existing commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings, has been extended to Friday, June 1.


Design Your Mechanical Systems Week Experience to Suit Your Needs

Mechanical Systems Week 2012, a national seminar and product showcase devoted to HVACR, hydronics, and plumbing set to take place Sept. 19-21 in Schaumburg, Ill., offers registration options to fit any budget.


Innovative Solutions

Packaged rooftop units

RQ Series packaged rooftop units are engineered for high efficiency and energy savings. Double-wall, rigid-polyurethane-foam-insulated cabinet construction and direct-drive backward-curved plenum fans allow quiet, energy-efficient airflow with high static-pressure capabilities. RQ units are available as air-cooled condenser packaged rooftop units, air-source, water-source, or geothermal heat pumps, 100-percent-outside-air units, and chilled-water or non-compressorized air handlers. Heating is available in high-performance hot-water, steam, electric, and gas-heating configurations. They are available in capacities from 2 to 6 tons.


Duct liner

AP Coilflex duct liner is now available in 11/2-in. thickness. The fiber-free, elastomeric-foam duct liner is ideal for air-handling systems, variable-air-volume units, ducts, and other air-system components requiring condensation control and resistance to moisture, damage, or heat gain. AP Coilflex duct liner reduces the noise generated by fans and air movement, making it especially effective for schools, hospitals, and commercial and government buildings where good acoustics are important.


Commercial packaged rooftop units

WeatherExpert Series 3- to 5-ton packaged rooftop units represent Carrier's highest-efficiency commercial packaged rooftop units ever. These ENERGY STAR-rated models meet or exceed the Consortium of Energy Efficiency rebate levels with seasonal energy-efficiency ratios of up to 17.5 and exceed the current federal minimum energy requirements by more than 34 percent.


VFD shaft-voltage test kit

The AEGIS Shaft Voltage Test Kit is designed to make measuring and documenting variable-frequency-drive- (VFD-) induced voltages easy. Motors controlled by VFDs are vulnerable to electrical bearing damage. Although specifiers may choose motors that are equipped with shaft-grounding rings, the shaft-voltage test kit may be used in retrofit applications while there still is time to head off damage and downtime. The kit includes a specially tipped probe and a portable oscilloscope.

-Electro Static Technology

Pollution-control units

Grease Grabber Triple Play and Power Play pollution-control units are designed to eliminate smoke and grease particles from commercial kitchen exhaust systems, with odor-control modules that eliminate or reduce odors to acceptable levels. The Grease Grabber Triple Play features a three-stage mechanical filter coupled with activated-carbon panels to remove odor molecules prior to discharging the air. The Grease Grabber Power Play’s permanent electrostatic collector section removes grease and smoke particles from an air stream, while its integrated self-cleaning wash sequence allows for low maintenance and constant performance.


Ceiling-mount air conditioner

The CMW30 water-cooled, ceiling-mount air conditioner is designed for computer server rooms and other applications with dense heat loads, but where an air-cooled model cannot be used because of a lack of space. Its cooling capacity is rated at 29,400 Btuh total and 22,000 Btuh sensible. The self-contained CMW30 is only 20-in. high, enabling it to fit above a drop ceiling. No external condensing unit is necessary. The unit features an integrated energy-efficiency ratio of 17.0.


Air and dirt separator

Spirovent is a full-flow combination air eliminator and dirt separator for boiler and chiller systems. It uses a patented coalescing medium to provide unsurpassed efficiencies compared with centrifugal air separators and eliminates the need for side-stream filters. Spirovent eliminates routine maintenance to vent and purge, allows for a review of chemical treatment, and can result in energy reduction through improved heat transfer and reduced pump power. The units are available through 36-in. pipe size and flows of more than 30,000 gpm for both stand-alone and central-plant systems.


Watertight duct smoke detectors

NEMA 4-rated InnovairFlex watertight duct smoke detectors operate in challenging conditions without the need for bulky enclosures. They can operate in airflow speeds from 100 to 4,000 fpm, temperatures from -4°F to 158°F, and humidity from 0 to 95 percent (non-condensing). They feature a watertight, UV-resistant housing that provides protection against falling dirt, rain, windblown dust, and splashing and hose-directed water.

-System Sensor

High-efficiency commercial pump

The Viridian pump offers an 80-percent reduction in energy consumption compared with a standard commercial pump of the same size. The ECM-driven, wet-rotor Viridian features fully automated variable-speed operation, simple Web-style controls, and capacities of up to 375 gpm. An ethernet connection on the pump allows easy remote control, monitoring, and adjustment. The Viridian features a working pressure of 175 psi and is suitable for fluid temperatures from 14°F to 230°F.

-Taco Inc.

In-floor chilled beams

In-floor Active Chilled Beam, an energy-efficient perimeter heating and cooling solution, combines the benefits of underfloor air distribution (UFAD) with water heating and cooling efficiencies. In-floor beams provide the energy savings and capacity of an overhead chilled beam while avoiding potential damage from leaking water lines and condensation. The beams simplify UFAD design by reducing the amount of equipment under the floor and improve perimeter zone aesthetics by replacing diffusers with a linear grille.


Commercial Comfort Systems

York Commercial Comfort Systems (YCCS) feature factory-installed controls and factory-configured components specially designed for commercial and light commercial users. The integrated system of equipment, controls, and accessories allows nontechnical building staff to navigate, monitor, and control functions from a single intuitive user interface. Using YCCS, building owners and operators can network single-zone, constant-volume HVAC units, multiple-changeover-bypass or variable-air-volume-zoned systems, or a combination of both.

-Johnson Controls Unitary Products



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