Dec. 1, 2008
On Oct. 21 and 22, HPAC Engineering held its fifth annual Engineering Green Buildings Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, during which some of the green-building

On Oct. 21 and 22, HPAC Engineering held its fifth annual Engineering Green Buildings Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, during which some of the green-building industry's leading manufacturers exhibited. Following is a sampling of those manufacturers' products.

High-performance-buildings solutions

Trane's technical expertise can “help bring your building to life” by “providing energy-efficient, environmentally responsible solutions that sustain high performance.” The company's products and services include HVAC equipment and systems, building controls, training, comprehensive and service solutions, system-applications expertise, and building design and analysis.
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Hydronic-system design software

Design Suite is a free collection of software tools that can help users design hydronic systems. The software features Hydronic Systems Solutions, with which users can design and compare HVAC systems, calculate plant total load/flow, and size pipes and equipment. The software also includes an HVAC load calculator and system-analysis tool.
Taco Inc.
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Steam humidifiers

Carel's steam-humidifier product lines include heaterSteam, an electric-heater steam humidifier useful for humidifying technological or medical environments; gaSteam, a gas-fired steam humidifier offering energy efficiencies between 92 and 95 percent; humiSteam, an immersed-electrode steam humidifier useful in civil environments, offices, and industrial facilities; and ultimateSteam, a direct-injection steam-humidifier manifold that features a high-tech insulative coating.
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Microchannel heat exchangers

With microchannel heat exchangers, it is possible to build systems that reduce refrigerant charges by as much as 40 percent. Featuring a compact design, the heat exchangers' main material is aluminum, a recyclable material that boasts improved corrosion resistance compared with exchangers that use copper. With an extremely low risk of leakage, the heat exchangers can boost overall efficiency by up to 30 percent.
Danfoss Inc.
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Flow and energy metering

A guide from Onicon, “Flow & Energy Metering for Central Energy Plants,” explains that a comprehensive metering program is essential to managing complex central energy plants and ensuring a high return on investment. Diagrams and a meter schedule are included, and energy-management-system and flow-measurement-station specifications are detailed.
Onicon Inc.
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Air conditioner

Packaged in an enclosure measuring approximately 4 ft by 4 ft by 3½ ft and suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, the C60 air conditioner delivers 6 tons of air-cooling capacity while consuming only 750 w of electricity. An infinitely variable-speed electronically commutated fan optimizes airflow while reducing energy consumption. The C60's capacity increases as ambient temperature rises. Useful in restaurants, offices, manufacturing facilities, and schools, the C60 helps achieve green objectives while reducing operating costs.
Coolerado Corp.
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Underfloor-air-management solutions

An underfloor-air-management solution, the Tate Building Technology Platform can help an owner-occupied office building address a variety of needs, such as high-quality clean air, personal-comfort control, noise control, and aesthetics. The platform features high-performance underfloor HVAC services and can offer opportunities for facilities to earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design credits.
Tate Access Floors Inc.
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Ethernet adapters

FENA-01 Ethernet adapters for the ACS350 drive line provide connectivity to all major controllers used for conveyors, compressors, industrial fans and pumps, palletizing, stretch wrapping, tension control, and volumetric feeder control. The flexible plug-in adapters support Ethernet/industrial and Modbus/transmission-control protocols.
ABB Inc.
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Fluorescent luminaries

Lithonia Lighting's ES8 fluorescent luminaries fuse high-performance T8 technology with efficient and comfortable light distribution. Using two long-life, high-lumen, color rendering lamps, the fixtures contribute to energy savings and environmental sustainability. For example, the fixtures' energy-efficient operation reduces carbon-dioxide production by 288 lb per fixture annually in new construction and up to 750 lb when replacing outdated fixtures. Also, the fixtures' durable all-steel construction is recyclable at the end of its life.
Lithonia Lighting, an Acuity Brands company
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Chilled-beam cooling products

Chilled-beam cooling products are designed for use in non-residential applications in which there is a high temperature load and rooms that require individual comfort control. The beams combine radiant cooling with conventional overhead ventilation to reduce energy usage, improve comfort levels, and reduce the architectural impact of ductwork and other mechanical systems. Useful for classrooms, auditoriums, hotels, office spaces, laboratories, and spaces with an open floor plan, the beams can be used in new or retrofit construction projects.
Semco Inc.
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Underfloor and displacement ventilation

Underfloor-air distribution (UFAD) provides many opportunities for reducing the energy consumption typical of a traditional overhead air-delivery system. Many of Price's products aid in UFAD, such as its round floor turbulant diffuser, underfloor modulating controller, and underfloor fan-powered terminal unit. Several of the company's UFAD and displacement-ventilation products help with environmental issues, such as energy performance.
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Wall-mounted, the Mist-I-Fier humidifier operates on high-pressure water. The unit is nominally rated at 25 lb per hour and requires 120 v for distribution fans as well as a drain connection. Suitable for low-ceiling applications, it ensures complete moisture absorption.
Mee Industries Inc.
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Water heaters

Eco-Defender Safety System ultralow-nitrogen-oxide (NOx) water heaters maintain low emission levels, optimal combustion efficiencies, and consistent operational temperatures. The water heaters feature an ultralow-NOx burner and rigid manifold mount.
Bradford White
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Available in five diameters from 20 to 39 in., HyBlade is a hybrid fan made of a corrosion-resistant aluminum structure and spray-coated fiberglass-reinforced plastic blades. Winglet technology has been incorporated into the blade tips to help with aerodynamics and minimize turbulence between blade and housing for quiet and efficient operation.
ebm papst Inc.
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Product and services directory

A directory from the American Boiler Manufacturers Association alphabetically lists the names, contact information, and products/services of member companies. A message from the association's president, W. Randall Rawson, is included.
American Boiler Manufacturers Association
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