New Equipment & Resources - May 2009

May 1, 2009
BACnet controllers Media-access-control addresses now can be assigned automatically to master-slave/token-passing controllers in KMC's BACnet-controller

BACnet controllers

Media-access-control addresses now can be assigned automatically to master-slave/token-passing controllers in KMC's BACnet-controller line. The process eliminates the need for individual controllers to be addressed in the field or for pre-addressed controllers to be installed at specific locations.
— KMC Controls
Circle 58

Building-automation controllers

WEB-700 controllers provide building-automation control with fewer components to maintain than other controllers. The controllers integrate into a system, serving data and graphical information to a Web browser through Ethernet local-area networks, remotely over the Internet, or by using a dial-up modem.
— Honeywell
Circle 59

Modular controls

The System 450 series of microprocessor-based modular controls can monitor and control temperature, pressure, and humidity simultaneously for HVACR and industrial controls applications. Nine model variations are designed to be multipurpose, adaptable, and field-configurable. Their design creates a custom control system that allows users to monitor and control multiple control loops.
— Johnson Controls
Circle 60

System controller

Able to manage heating and air conditioning, the Z2000 System Controller is the center of the Zone Comfort System. Able to control up to 20 zones per HVAC unit with no field programming required, it is useful for light-commercial applications. A space thermostat and motorized damper control each zone. Light-emitting-diode indicator status lights are featured.
— Ruskin
Circle 61

Variable-frequency drives

VLT Micro varible-frequency drives now are available in an M4 frame size, covering the 380-to-480-vac, 15-to-20-hp range. Useful in industrial-appliance, water, and HVAC applications, the drives offer side-by-side mounting. An automatic-energy-optimizer function helps the drives consume less energy.
— Danfoss Drives
Circle 62

Motor-bearing protection ring

For variable-frequency-drive-controlled alternating- and direct-current motors, the SGR Split Ring protects bearings from electrical damage caused by circulating or shaft currents, extending motor life and preventing bearing noise, downtime, and motor repairs/replacements. Its conductive microfibers work with virtually no friction or wear.
— Electro Static Technology
Circle 63

Power converters

An alternate power converter for induction motor drives, the AC7 Matrix is capable of producing a direct alternating-current (AC)/AC conversion without the need for a direct-current (DC) link circuit. The technology enables the converter to turn AC input voltage into variable AC output voltage. The converter has a 45-percent smaller installation footprint than a conventional AC drive.
— Yaskawa
Circle 64

Motor-control centers

Square D Model 6 low-voltage motor-control centers now offer increased plant-floor intelligence and motor protection with the addition of Schneider Electric's TeSys T motor-management controller. The centers can monitor a motor's current, power consumption, and voltage, as well as feed information back to a centralized process control.
— Schneider Electric
Circle 65

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