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Fastrack - November 23, 2011

Nov. 23, 2011
Energy Impacts of Chilled-Water-Piping Configuration
November 23, 2011
Energy Impacts of Chilled-Water-Piping Configuration
By ROY S. HUBBARD, Johnson Controls Inc., York, Pa.
As the cost of energy continues to rise, it behooves chiller-plant owners and designers to consider the energy impacts of virtually everything under their control, including chilled-water piping. This article discusses the energy consumption of the three basic configurations of chilled-water piping currently in use: constant primary flow, constant primary flow/variable secondary flow, and variable primary flow. It also discusses the attributes of equipment-room space, installed cost, and control complexity. [MORE]
IFMA Launches Online Benchmarking Tool
The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) recently launched Benchmarks Exchange (BEX), a Website housing comparative building data. [MORE]
Danfoss Seeking Entries for EnVisioneer of the Year Competition
Danfoss, manufacturer of high-efficiency electronic and mechanical components and controls for air-conditioning, heating, refrigeration, and motion systems, is accepting entries for its third annual EnVisioneer of the Year competition. [MORE]
AHRI Announces 2012 Leadership
The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) announced new leadership during its 2011 Annual Meeting, held Nov. 12-15 in Bonita Springs, Fla. [MORE]
ASHRAE Seeking Presenters for Energy Modeling Conference
The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is seeking presenters for its 2012 Energy Modeling Conference, which will be held Oct. 1-3 in Atlanta. [MORE]
Heating circulator Bell & Gossett's energy-efficient SMART heating circulator uses a unique technology to achieve significant energy savings while delivering hot water throughout a commercial or residential property. Featuring electronically-commutated-motor technology and a patented spherical motor design, ecocirc pumps eliminate the need for a conventional shaft, seal, and bearing assembly. Other special features of the pumps include control modes (auto for automatic proportional pressure control and vario for stepless speed control with a constant curve) and maintenance-free, long-lasting operation. The pumps are seal-less and leak-free, as well as self-lubricating and automatically cooled by pump media. Energy savings pay back the cost of the pumps within months. [MORE]—Bell & Gossett
Insulated saddles and clevis-hanger covers New CoolDry insulated saddles and matching Wraparoos clevis-hanger covers provide water- and moisture-resistant insulation and jacketing. The chlorofluorocarbon- and hydrochlorofluorocarbon-free phenolic-foam insulation has excellent compressive strength (3.75 PCF and 5 PCF) and meets rigid 25/50 flame/smoke ratings, while the vapor-barrier jacketing with self-sealing tape is zero-permeance-rated. A unique partial-bottom ribbed saddle secures the CoolDry system, while the bright-white polyvinyl-chloride Wraparoos clevis-hanger cover protects the saddle and cleans easily with a damp cloth. [MORE]—Buckaroos Inc.
Differential-pressure switch The Series 1831 differential-pressure switch with manual reset eliminates common problems associated with typical high-duct-static-cutout installations. With no power required to drive its outputs, a separate power loop and associated wiring and conduit is avoided. Both control contacts activate at the same time. The potential of the lead switch shutting down the fan, preventing the lag switch from sending an alarming signal to the DDC, no longer is a probable system liability. Potential costly maintenance calls are diminished. For more information, go to—Dwyer Instruments Inc.
Plug fans Centrifugal series plug fans with GreenTech EC technology have been improved. All fans above a 500-w drive output can be controlled by Modbus and 0 to 10 v. Gaps that existed in the product range were filled, as the series has been expanded with larger diameters. Plug fans are equipped with a stable base frame that enables the entire unit to be decoupled from vibrations in the environment, making it possible to serve additional applications, not just heating and ventilation. Twelve sizes are available, with outer diameters ranging from 250 to 900 mm. For more information, go to—ebm-papst Inc.
Airflow-measurement damper Ebtron Inc. and TAMCO completed joint engineering, testing, and production-system integration for the AIR-IQ airflow-measuring-damper assembly. Comprehensive testing verified reliable unducted accuracy of ±5 percent of reading throughout the entire measurement range and up to Class 1A damper-leakage performance for compliance with ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1, Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings. A wide range of damper models and options provide designers with thermal-break frame design, thermally insulated airfoil blades, a salt-water-corrosion-resistance option, and dual-bearing and slip-proof-linkage designs for maintenance-free operation and 20-plus-year service life. For more information, visit or—Ebtron Inc.
Heat pumps The RedLINK wireless HVAC protocol in Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating split-ductless and ducted heat pumps allows users to maximize comfort and reduce energy costs. Using radio-frequency communication, a single controller can manage up to 16 zones and be placed in a different room than an air handler. To learn more, visit—Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating
Free-cooling chillers Motivair air-cooled free-cooling chillers are designed for year-round cooling loads and mission-critical applications from 7.5 to 350 tons. All models feature a complete refrigeration plant with R-407C scroll compressors to 75 tons or dual R-134A screws to 350 tons. Standard features include integrated free-cooling coils and three-way valve. Optional features include circulation pumps, storage tank, and building-management-system interface. Software provides rapid restart after power failure and maximum free-cooling operation in low ambient temperatures. Free-cooling chillers dramatically reduce data-center power costs when applied with the Motivair Chilled Door high-density rack-cooling system. [MORE]—Motivair Corp.
Flow meter ONICON's F-3500 insertion electromagnetic flow meter is engineered to excel in demanding water-flow-measurement applications. With no moving parts, the F-3500 is reliable even in challenging open-loop applications. The hand-insertable hot-tap design provides quick, easy installation. Every meter is individually wet-calibrated to NIST traceable standards, programmed for your application, and accurate to within 1 percent of rate. [MORE]—ONICON Inc.
Corrosion-under-insulation solution Polyguard's ReactiveGel products are a solution to most problems of corrosion under insulation. ReactiveGel prevents corrosion on steel pipe, while Polyguard's tough Zeroperm vapor barriers prevent wet insulation and mold formation. Contact Nate Brink at 312-218-3560 for engineering information. [MORE]—Polyguard Products
Programmable logic controller The new Modicon M168 programmable logic controller by Schneider Electric helps HVACR OEM customers improve their machine performance and speed up time to market with flexible architecture and customized design. The Modicon M168, combined with the complete line of Schneider Electric components and variable-frequency drives, helps OEMs deliver an innovative and single-source solution. To learn more, go to—Schneider Electric
Mixing block Taco's LOFlo Mixing Block works with the company's LoadMatch single-pipe system, along with active/passive chilled beams and a 100-percent dedicated outside-air system, to supply latent cooling. Together, these elements form the Taco LOFlo Mixing Block System, providing an injection-pumping system that is energy-efficient, lowers first costs, eliminates balancing problems, simplifies commissioning, reduces callbacks, and maximizes occupant comfort throughout a building. [MORE]—Taco Inc.
Thermal-imaging camera The new Wahl Heat Spy thermal-imaging camera is the world's first upgradable thermal imager. The z30 Series Detector is designed for on-the-spot maintenance inspections and repair. The z50 Series Inspector allows users to document and prepare reports with ease, providing thermal and digital images. Upgrade in the field from a Detector to an Inspector after your purchase to expand the functionality of your camera. Prolong the life of your investment by extending the temperature range or adding wide-angle and/or telescopic lenses. To learn more, visit, or write to [email protected].—Wahl Instruments Inc.
AC drive The Yaskawa Z1000 AC drive is designed for such building-automation applications as fans, pumps, and cooling towers through 500 hp. It features an easy-to-read LCD keypad that provides hand/off/auto interface and a real-time clock. It protects against drive and motor faults to maintain uptime and conforms to the BACnet communication protocol standard. [MORE]—Yaskawa America Inc., Drives & Motion Division
NEW! Cost-efficient HVAC Transmitters from Vaisala Vaisala introduces NEW transmitters for HVAC applications. The Vaisala INTERCAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitter HMD42 and HMD53 are designed for building automation applications. They combine reliable operation with excellent stability, providing low cost of ownership to the user. The transmitters measure humidity with a ±3 %RH accuracy and temperature with a ±0.4 °C (±0.72 °F) accuracy. They feature various selectable analog output signals and they can be powered by either AC or DC voltage. Click here for more.--Vaisala
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