Sept. 1, 2010
Cooling-solutions white paper High-density servers can present a significant cooling challenge. Ten Cooling Solutions to Support High-Density Server Deployment

Cooling-solutions white paper

High-density servers can present a significant cooling challenge. “Ten Cooling Solutions to Support High-Density Server Deployment” from APC provides approaches for increasing cooling efficiency, cooling capacity, and power density in existing data centers. Photos, figures, and a list of related resources are included.
APC by Schneider Electric
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Water-management leaflet

A leaflet from Aquanomix details the company's AX-CTI Water Management Center, a system for water reclamation. The leaflet describes the management center's applications, such as cooling towers and water closets. Also featured is the management center's control system, which monitors water quality via Siemens Insight software.
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Pressure/temperature chart

Bitzer has released a refrigerant pressure/temperature chart for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Available for no charge, the application is an intuitive saturated-pressure/temperature reference chart that focuses on the most common refrigerants found in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.
Bitzer US Inc.
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Fan-motor brochure

Camfil Farr APC has published a four-page brochure on its line of efficient fan motors, which are standard on new Gold Series cartridge dust collectors and can be ordered for replacement or retrofit applications. The brochure shows how the fan motors are designed to meet or exceed requirements of the Energy Independence and Security Act.
Camfil Farr Air Pollution Control
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Wireless-sensors white paper

A white paper from EnOcean Alliance describes how integrating batteryless wireless sensors can offer new opportunities for BACnet building automation. The paper compares wired and wireless transmission media and concludes that both have various strengths that are needed for an optimal building-automation scenario.
EnOcean Alliance
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Fire-notification-system tools

System Sensor provides online tools to aid in the design process of an audible/visible fire-notification system. To assist with several upfront tasks and calculations, the company provides Voltage Drop Calculator, Mounting Options Tool, and Equivalent Facilitation Calculator at
System Sensor
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Fan-controller brochure

A brochure from Tjernlund was designed for HVAC professionals searching for alternatives to fixed-speed fans for exhaust- and supply-air applications. The brochure describes the CPC-3 Constant Pressure Controller, which automatically monitors and adjusts fan speed to provide modulating, demand-based performance.
Tjernlund Products Inc.
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Green-building-publication list

The EPA has developed many programs to address the impact of buildings and development on human health and the environment. To that end, the agency has compiled a list of publications relating to those programs. The list includes the “Office Carbon Footprint Tool” and “Setting a Standard for Sustainable Design.”
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
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