Hpac 384 1211 Product Spotlight Yaskawa


Dec. 1, 2011
Motors & Drives

Variable-speed drive
The Z1000 AC variable-speed drive is designed for building-automation applications such as fans, pumps, and cooling towers through 500 hp. The drive features an easy-to-read LCD keypad that provides a hand/off/auto interface and a real time clock. It also protects against drive and motor faults to maintain uptime and conforms to the BACnet communication protocol standard. —Yaskawa

VFD shaft-voltage test kit
The AEGIS shaft-voltage test kit is designed to make it easy to measure and document variable-frequency-drive- (VFD-) induced voltages. Motors controlled by VFDs are vulnerable to electrical bearing damage. Although specifiers may choose motors that are equipped with shaft grounding rings, the shaft voltage test kit may be used in retrofit applications while there still is time to head off damage and downtime. —Electro Static Technology

Drive for pump and fan applications
The Altivar 212 variable-speed drive is designed to provide energy-efficient and economical solutions for pump and fan applications. It reduces energy costs by adjusting motor speed to the required flow of air or fluids. The drive features electronic motor controls that reduce the mechanical stress on belts, piping, and ductwork and eliminate valve- or inlet-guide-vane maintenance. By eliminating the need for throttling valves, dampers, or inlet guide vanes typically used to control the flow of fluids, the drive reduces installation costs and maximizes the accuracy of flow control. —Schneider Electric

Basic HVAC drive
The ultra-compact VLT HVAC basic drive is designed to offer low installed cost, reliability, low noise, connectivity, and simple commissioning. The user-friendly drive includes an intuitive man-machine interface and application wizard for quick and easy application set-up. It is compatible with both asynchronous and permanent-magnet motors. —Danfoss