Dec. 1, 2009
Split cooling and heat-pump systems Available in 7.5- to 20-ton capacities, York Predator commercial split cooling and heat-pump systems use R-410A refrigerant

Split cooling and heat-pump systems

Available in 7.5- to 20-ton capacities, York Predator commercial split cooling and heat-pump systems use R-410A refrigerant and feature a compact design. MicroChannel condenser coils on the cooling units provide suitable heat transfer and use less refrigerant, while scroll compressors ensure efficiency and reliability. All of the models include Simplicity microprocessor controls to provide alarm monitoring. Single or dual (two- or four-pipe) refrigerant circuits provide redundancy and application choices, such as matching one outdoor unit with two indoor units. Vertical discharge condenser fans direct sound up and away from surrounding structures for quiet operation. Additionally, the scroll compressors are mounted on rubber isolators to reduce vibration transmission. Air-handler options include factory-installed standard and oversized motors, technicoated indoor coils for corrosion protection, and a 2-in. filter rack that can be field-converted to accept 4-in. filters. The units include adjustable thermostatic expansion valves and liquid-line solenoids for capacity reduction.
Johnson Controls Inc.
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Condensing boilers

Now able to support projects with working pressures of up to 92 psig, Modulex condensing boilers from 300,000 to 1 million Btuh are equipped with a larger (2 ½ in.) national-pipe-thread water inlet/outlet connection, which results in a lower pressure drop across the boilers.
AERCO International Inc.
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Vacuum systems

Combined with the SRP Accu-Rate Modulating Control System, Premiere Vacuum Systems offer improved comfort conditions with even heat distribution while reducing energy costs by up to 50 percent. The control system provides four-individual-zone modulation with the flexibility of variable-rate burners.
Superior Radiant Products Ltd.
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Security systems

WEBs-AX Security systems combine enterprise control and security integration with HVAC-control capabilities. Through integration with HVAC, lighting, and energy-management functions, the systems reduce energy costs via occupancy monitoring. Multiple access-control systems can be managed from one location.
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Fan motors

For replacement or retrofit applications, premium-efficiency fan motors are standard equipment on Gold Series cartridge dust collectors. The motors are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the Energy Independence and Security Act.
Farr Air Pollution Control
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Fan-coil units

Suitable for large classrooms, hotel ballrooms, offices, retail shops, and the like, FXMQ large ducted fan-coil units can be combined with VRV-III and VRV-WII condensing units to serve larger, more open spaces. The introduction of these larger fan-coil units eradicates previous ducted gaps.
Daikin AC (Americas) Inc.
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Kiosk software

Web-enabled interactive kiosk software, iBPortal provides education and awareness about a building's green attributes and sustainability. Live data gauges can be displayed, showing users their energy efficiency or consumption. Users also can view 2D or 3D system animation to learn how photovoltaic, HVAC, geothermal, daylighting, or other systems work and create energy savings.
Quality Attributes Software
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Draft inducers

Available in four sizes with capacities of up to almost 6,000 cfm, IPVB Power Venter in-line draft inducers can be installed indoors or outdoors. For condensing and non-condensing commercial boilers and water heaters, the units are approved for temperatures of up to 650°F and integrate with most chimney and stack systems using flanged or slip fittings.
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