Sept. 1, 2008
Fans For mezzanines, narrow aisles, and confined workspaces, the 6-ft-diameter Pivot fan has a mounting system that features two pivot points, giving


For mezzanines, narrow aisles, and confined workspaces, the 6-ft-diameter Pivot fan has a mounting system that features two pivot points, giving the fan 73 hanging positions. The fan's precision-molded hub aids smooth operation, and its trim pieces reduce noise at connection points. The fan also includes a touch-pad controller and optional cage.
Big Ass Fans
Circle 9

Air filters

A drop-in replacement for any standard V-shaped air filter, a Durafil ES filter can reduce the total energy consumed by an HVAC system by 20 to 35 percent compared with similar products.
Camfil Farr
Circle 10

Ventilation fans

Available in four sizes — 50, 80, 110, and 150 cfm — V-Series ventilation fans are engineered to move air with the lowest power consumption and sound levels. Features include a tightly sealed backdraft damper and a heat-sink motor mount.
Circle 11

Laboratory exhaust systems

The Vektor-CD laboratory exhaust system combines a high-plume-dilution stack design with a side-inlet centrifugal arrangement to exhaust laboratory work environments safely.
Circle 12

Self-dumping hoppers

Self-dumping hoppers simplify the disposal of dust captured by cartridge-style dust-collection systems. They are useful for dry dusts, including those that must be reclaimed or recycled.
Farr Air Pollution Control
Circle 13


Available in 3-, 5-, and 8-v single and banded options, Red Power II V-belts can be installed on drives quickly. When initial tension is set correctly, the belts do not need to be maintained.
— Optibelt Corp.
Circle 14


Aimed at increasing productivity, the CFW11 line of variable-frequency inverters offers efficiency ratings greater than 97 percent, as well as technology designed to improve motor-control and operational functions. The plug-and-play technology automatically recognizes and configures the accessories and options being used.
— WEG Electric Motors Corp.
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Green Choice motors save energy by reducing the amount of electricity needed, indirectly reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the air. Green Choice motor models, which include the Jugger Naut, 3-in-1, and iMotor, are designed to address environmental concerns.
— A.O. Smith Electrical Products Co.
Circle 16

Variable-Frequency Drives

With a power range of up to 30 hp, SMVector variable-frequency drives feature an additional programmable digital input, terminals for RS-485 communications, and an enhanced keypad. The drives include a removable memory chip that allows a user to program multiple drives in seconds.
Lenze AC-Tech
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