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Product Spotlight

Sept. 1, 2012
Replacement air handlers R-Series replacement air handlers are designed to precisely match existing roof curbs and supply/exhaust connections to minimize the cost of roof and building renovation. R-Series units feature direct-drive variable-speed fans, ...

Replacement air handlers
R-Series replacement air handlers are designed to precisely match existing roof curbs and supply/exhaust connections to minimize the cost of roof and building renovation. R-Series units feature direct-drive variable-speed fans, optional variable-speed compressors, modulating gas or electric heat, and programmable direct digital controls. —Innovent

Laboratory exhaust fan
The latest addition to the Vektor laboratory-exhaust-fan line, the Vektor-HS with SAVVE (Sure-Aire Variable-Volume Exhaust) technology reduces fan energy consumption and operating costs in variable-volume or demand-based laboratory ventilation systems. SAVVE technology incorporates the Sure-Aire noninvasive flow monitoring system, which measures pressure drop across a fan’s inlet venturi. As airflow through the fan varies, SAVVE technology automatically adjusts the nozzle discharge area to maintain a constant and safe discharge velocity (minimum 3,000 fpm) while energy consumption of the exhaust fan is reduced, regardless of the laboratory exhaust airflow. —Greenheck

Air handler with air cleaning
The Trane Catalytic Air Cleaning System (TCACS) is a standard option with the Performance Climate Changer air handler. The TCACS provides three steps of air cleaning: MERV 13 or higher particle filters provide the first stage of contaminant capture; ultraviolet (UV) lights provide irradiation of stationary surfaces, such as coils and drain pans; and the UV lights activate a catalyst on the media to enable a chemical reaction that reduces carbon-based contaminants in the air stream. The air handlers offer energy-recovery, airflow monitoring, and humidity-control options. —Trane

Directional airflow panel
The Directional Perf perforated directional airflow panel helps direct airflow from a raised-floor plenum to data-center racks. The panel delivers airflow to standard server racks at an angle, increasing the rate of total air capture and helping eliminate bypass air. It features a 25-percent-open area for applications where less airflow is required but directionality is desired to save energy by more precisely matching cooling with heat loads. It also can be used as an alternative to aisle containment. —Tate

Economizer with intuitive interface
The JADE fresh-air ventilation system for rooftop systems includes an LCD screen that delivers continuous messages, important diagnostics, and system status. It provides on-board fault detection and diagnostics that quickly identify sensor failure or loss of communication, saving time on service and commissioning. It does not require a certified programmer or installer to set up or operate. —Honeywell

Laboratory exhaust fan
The TVIFE mixed-flow, induced-flow laboratory exhaust fan with AMCA 260 rating exhausts laboratory fumes and hazardous chemicals in a manner that prevents contaminant-laden air from being re-entrained into a building’s intake or makeup air. Applications include laboratories, hospitals, schools, and chemical storage. —Twin City Fan & Blower

Industrial overhead fan
The Powerfoil X2.0 is the top-of-the-line industrial overhead fan from Big Ass Fan Co. It features a number of durability and performance upgrades from the original Powerfoil line, including machine-cut precision hub components that offer uniform load distribution to promote overall longevity and durability. It is backed by a 15-year nonprorated warranty. —Big Ass Fan Co.

Solar displacement ventilation unit
The solar Plexicon displacement unit heats as well as cools and uses solar energy as its power source. It uses a wireless, energy-harvesting platform to power the auto-changeover action when changing between cooling and heating mode. The energy-harvesting process is achieved using solar light energy, including sun and ambient room light. It is designed to operate with all types of HVAC systems. —Titus

Roof ventilators
FUBV fiberglass upblast roof ventilators are designed for corrosive environments or contaminated-air-stream applications. The FUBV line features a fiber-reinforced-polymer airfoil axial impeller, which has factory-set blade pitch for precise performance matching. The fan housing is constructed of UV-inhibited Hetron 99 polyester resin, with a Class I flame spread rating of 25 or less. FUBV roof ventilators are available in diameters from 12-in. through 60-in., with capacities ranging to 50,000 cfm. —Continental Fan

Energy-recovery ventilator
GreenCube is an enthalpy plate energy exchanger that recovers both sensible and latent energy from one air stream and transfers it to another in a cross-flow arrangement. The unit consists of a heat exchanger, two MERV 6 filters to filter the incoming- and exhaust-air streams, and two fan-speed controllers. The fan-speed controllers permit the intake- and exhaust-air blowers to be independently controlled. GreenCube is available in selected models of Scholar III and Classic heat pumps and air conditioners. —Marvair

Indoor air-handling units
H3 Series horizontal indoor air-handling units and V3 Series vertical indoor air-handling units are available in capacities from 450 to 10,000 cfm. They include direct-expansion or hydronic coils, double-wall rigid-polyurethane-foam-injected panel construction, and backward-curved plenum fans that allow quiet, energy-efficient operation. The variable-speed fans can be controlled by variable-frequency drives or electronically commutated motors. The H3 Series’ low-profile design (21 to 35 in.) allows low-clearance installation. —AAON

High-volume, low-speed fan
The AirVolution fan is designed to move a large column of air down and outward 360 degrees before circulating it back through the fan. MacroAir’s 6ix Blade technology allows the fan to create the same amount of airflow as an industry-standard 10-blade fan with 40-percent less energy. AirVolution is available in 8-ft to 24-ft diameters with 1-hp motors and variable-speed operation. —MacroAir Technologies

Air curtains
Mars Air Systems is preparing to reveal its Series 2 lineup of air curtains. The lineup has been redesigned and re-engineered to include slimmer units, updated colors, and new designs. The units are available in sizes to fit everything from a drive-thru window to a warehouse loading-dock door. They feature an average return-on-investment of two years or less for typical installations. —Mars Air Systems