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May 1, 2010
Seismic-compliant drives ABB ACH550 base drives, E-Clipse Bypass units, and drives with input disconnects now are International Building Code (IBC) seismic-compliance

Seismic-compliant drives

ABB ACH550 base drives, E-Clipse Bypass units, and drives with input disconnects now are International Building Code (IBC) seismic-compliance certified. The certificate of compliance qualifies the products for use in applications and buildings in which IBC requires that seismically rated equipment be considered. While principal applications for IBC-certified drives include disaster-prone areas of North America, design parameters recommended by IBC could affect a number of facilities in public and private sectors, such as commercial office buildings, hospitals/health-care facilities, schools and education buildings, manufacturing facilities, and water/wastewater operations.
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Fan-replacement motors

For the commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration markets, H1054 JuggerNaut inverter-duty condenser fan-replacement motors include a quick-connect voltage-change module, a removable base for rigid-base or belly-band mounting, and Class F insulation for 158°F maximum ambient conditions.
— A.O. Smith Electrical Products Co.
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Cooling-tower motor and drive system

Combining a laminated finned-frame RPM alternating-current motor with a permanent-magnet salient-pole-rotor design, the VS1 cooling-tower drive can replace the right-angle gearbox and jackshaft in many cooling towers. Controlled by the cooling-tower drive, a fan couples directly to the motor shaft to provide variable-speed performance, quiet operation, and reduced energy consumption.
— Baldor Electric Co.
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Multipulse drive panels

Available as a 12- or 18-pulse harmonic-reduction solution, multipulse drive panels combine VLT Series drives with harmonic-reduction technology, bypass, and disconnect in one package. The drive panels are available in heavy-duty and freestanding National Electrical Manufacturers Association- (NEMA-) rated 1, 12, and 3R enclosures and various package configurations for a variety of operating needs and environments.
— Danfoss Drives
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Variable-frequency drives

By optimizing HVAC-system performance, variable-frequency drives (VFDs) from McQuay can save up to 30 percent in energy costs and have a payback of four months. The VFDs can be added to motor and pump applications to reduce energy costs during low-demand periods.
— McQuay International
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Exhaust-fan-drive belts

For exhaust fan drives, HVAC Power V-Belts have higher temperature resistance and experience less flex fatigue, extending belt life. The belts are designed to transmit the power of a raw-edged cogged belt without the pulley wear, noise, and vibration of other belts.
— Optibelt
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Motor-mounting systems

A brochure from Overly Hautz illustrates the company's motor-mounting products, including automatic motor bases, adjustable rails, custom motor mountings, and transition bases to adapt National Electrical Manufacturers Association- (NEMA-) “re-rated” motor frame sizes to existing mountings, outlines, and designs. The brochure also describes the company's manufacturing capabilities and gives a brief company history.
— Overly Hautz Motor Base Co.
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iSpeed inverters can save up to 40 percent of energy usage in refrigeration systems using single-compressor installations and up to 25 percent with conventional multistage compressor racks. The inverters keep lead compressors running smoothly, and proprietary software limits cycling of the fixed-speed compressors. Compressor wear is reduced on all compressors, minimizing electrical costs and stresses to the electrical infrastructure.
— Parker Hannifin, Sporlan Division
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Variable-frequency drives

Designed for HVAC applications, SED2 variable-frequency drives (VFDs) support a variety of digital and analog input/output for diverse control capability. Built-in proportional-integral-derivative features control pumps and fans, and an integral system protocol can interface P1/N2 networks. Using the VFDs' multilevel parameter access, operators can pinpoint relevant data quickly. A low-harmonics design reduces noise and interference, eliminating the need for filters/reactors in most installations.
— Siemens Industry Inc.
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Drive package

The E7S slim-configured package provides an E7 drive in a space-saving National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 1 enclosure that can accommodate as standard an input disconnect as well as several typical options, such as circuit breakers, filters, reactors, etc. The E7S has embedded communications for various building-automation protocols, such as Johnson Controls Metasys N2, Siemens APOGEE FLN, and Modbus. An optional LonWorks interface card, EtherNet/Internet protocol, and BACnet also are available.
— Yaskawa Electric America Inc.
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Smart starters

A smart starter for single-phase motors, the BAS-1P incorporates features for energy savings and automation-system control. The starter features voltage and dry inputs for ease of integration, system-override modes (for smoke purge in fireman's override), and a concealed hand-off-auto operation selection. The starter also functions as a disconnect with a lockable motor-rated switch.
— Cerus Industrial
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Relay system

Recently expanded, the Motor Insight overload and monitoring relay system provides monitoring capabilities, diagnostics, and motor and pump protection in one device. The system is designed to provide the information needed to keep motors running at peak performance while maintaining application integrity. The system is available with Profibus communications, in addition to the Modbus and DeviceNet industrial protocols.
— Eaton Corp.
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