Oct. 1, 2010
Air-filtration media Circulaire Cleanaire are gas-phase air-filtration media that remove chemical odors and airborne gaseous contaminants in industrial complexes, laboratories, office buildings, health-care facilities, schools, museums, and other ...

Air-filtration media
Circulaire Cleanaire are gas-phase air-filtration media that remove chemical odors and airborne gaseous contaminants in industrial complexes, laboratories, office buildings, health-care facilities, schools, museums, and other commercial buildings in which indoor-air quality is critical. The surface of the randomly shaped, coarse-surfaced, granular media increases contact and adsorption with air-stream gaseous contaminants, creating a more efficient and adsorbent process. The media are designed and formulated for outdoor-air intake.
—Circul-Aire, a subsidiary of Dectron Internationale
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Acoustic camera
The battery operated Nor848 acoustic camera features 225 microphones and a wide-angle high-performance video camera, both of which are included in the antenna system. A signal-processing interface box is not necessary because all analog-to-digital conversion electronics are hidden in the microphone antenna. Able to be set up before a noise analysis is performed, both live intensity plots and postprocessed analysis are available.
—Scantek Inc.
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The MS-500F 500-ton water-cooled chiller features four MagLev oil-free compressors (manufactured by Danfoss Turbocor Compressors) mounted on a common set of shells for greater performance and redundancy. Design elements include industrial-grade controls, aerospace-technology-based oil-free compressors, factory-installed and optimized components to managing and enhancing refrigerant flow, a unit-contained control power supply requiring no transformers, wireless power distribution to all compressors via a busbar system using triple-grounded and shielded variable-frequency-drive cabling to all four Maglev compressors.
—Multistack LLC
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Commercial solar thermal systems
Lochinvar/TiSUN’s solar-thermal-system line includes two options for solar thermal panels. The Commercial Solar Flat Panel Collector is a high-efficiency solar thermal panel featuring physical-vapor-deposition coating, a laser-welded absorber, and a serpentine heat-coil design allowing for optimum heat transfer in a forced-circulation solar system. The other option, the Light Duty Commercial Solar Collector, is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, provide years of service, and be installed vertically or horizontally. The Commercial Solar Pump Station is an all-in-one solar pumping package that includes a differential solar control offering eight system capabilities and British-thermal-unit metering.
—Lochinvar Corp./TiSUN
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Racking systems
Designed for both outdoor (flat-rooftop) and indoor (mechanical-room) applications, prefabricated MR-2 Commercial Racking Systems hold two tankless water heaters back to back. Measuring approximately 64 in. tall, 19 in. wide, and 31 in. deep when fully assembled, the systems have the shape of an inverted "T" and are designed to sit flat on a mechanical-room floor or rooftop. The systems allow multiple units to be installed in the middle of a space, rather than affixed to a sidewall.
—Noritz America Corp.
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Blanket insulation
Approved for applications of up to 1,000˚F, High Temperature Blanket Insulation can be applied directly to any hot surface, bringing practical thermal and acoustical performance to industrial equipment, panel systems, pipe fittings, vessels, boilers, and tanks. Available in batts or rolls, the insulation features 60-percent recycled content and is composed of rotary glass fibers bonded together using a thermosetting resin and formed into plain, flexible, and resilient thermal insulation. It is available in a range of thicknesses of up to 4 in.
—CertainTeed Corp.
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Electronic air cleaner
Featuring the equivalent of a minimum efficiency reporting value of 16, the SMART Electronic Air Cleaner can generate 24,000-v direct current of cleaning power to remove up to 99 percent of respirable particles from air. The air cleaner operates at a low static pressure and has high dust-loading potential, optimizing airflow and increasing blower efficiency. The air cleaner is available in a filter grille-mount design with 22 sizes, a furnace-mount design with a cabinet for new installations, and a retrofit track for installation into existing cabinets.
—Hart & Cooley Inc.
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Electronic air register
Providing temperature control for any office or business, Activent wireless electronically controlled air registers open and close automatically to maintain constant optimal room temperature. The registers convert existing vent/register covers into active components in a zoned heating and cooling system. The registers "zone" a building by automatically gauging the temperature of a room and wirelessly closing vents when the desired temperature is reached, allowing room temperature to be easily set and achieved.
—Inova Products Inc.
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Gas-detection transmitter
Ideal for use in commercial HVAC and light-industrial applications, the Parkade Emissions Transmitter communicates via BACnet protocol master-slave/token-passing signal. Available with electrochemical and temperature sensors, the transmitter detects carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, oxygen, and temperature. Features include a thermal resetting fuse, a tri-color light-emitting-diode (LED) indicator for power and alarm, and an optional four-digit LED display. Sensor calibration-extending firmware takes into account sensor aging so fewer calibrations are acceptable in non-critical applications.
—Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc.
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Commercial heat pumps
Available in 3- to 8.5-ton units, WeatherMaster packaged rooftop heat pumps utilize Puron refrigerant. With a seasonal energy-efficiency ratio of up to 15.8 and an energy-efficiency ratio of up to 12.8, the heat pumps reduce operating costs and qualify for many utility rebates. The heat pumps also maintain a footprint consistent with past models, enabling direct replacement on curbs dating back to the late 1980s. Additional features include a redesigned and enlarged control box, user-friendly integrated terminal boards allowing trouble-free installation of field-installed devices, and a rooftop open controller.
—Carrier Corp.
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Energy-efficiency platform
The BuildingAdvice commercial energy-efficiency platform highlights usability and feature enhancements designed to streamline the inputting of building-energy-use information and the execution of report generation. Through the platform’s user interface, HVAC technicians gain access to commercial-building data and report generation to provide building owners and managers with accurate, cost-saving information about a building’s energy usage. New features include streamlined data input, dynamic report generation, advanced modeling, and Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager integration.
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Potable-water mixing valves
5120 Series domestic-water mixing valves meet new California and Vermont codes requiring low lead in all potable-water pipes and components. The low-lead mixing valves are available as a sweat-union connection in 1/2-, 3/4-, and 1-in. sizes. The high-flow, low-head-loss valves permit domestic water storage at temperatures high enough to kill harmful bacteria and mix delivery temperatures to a safe 120˚F or less.
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