May 1, 2011
Panel-mount voltage metersThe SGD-24 and SGD-28 PanelPilot Series of smart graphic displays are configurable panel-mount voltage meters with selectable graph colors, input signal scales, and meter displays. They are used to graphically display any ...

Panel-mount voltage meters
The SGD-24 and SGD-28 PanelPilot Series of smart graphic displays are configurable panel-mount voltage meters with selectable graph colors, input signal scales, and meter displays. They are used to graphically display any typical proportional control or transmitter signal. These displays allow customizable graphics to illustrate data the way you want. Displays are quickly configured using free software via a USB cable, or are available pre-configured. They have a customizable splash screen and come in a 2.4 in. (SGD-24) or 2.8 in. (SGD-28) screen size. NEMA 4X enclosures that can house one or two displays are also available. —Kele Inc.

Split-case pumps
Using an advanced, modular construction technique, TA Series split case pumps are available with performance from 60 to 6,000 gpm. The modular construction enables use of multiple seal options and is ideal for application flexibility and simplified maintenance. Its new base design simplifies coupler alignment and minimizes vibration. There are 22 models, ranging from 1 to 400 hp, to choose from. Each model is available in several speeds, motor options, and configurable materials of construction. Designed for commercial HVAC systems and industrial applications, the heavy duty casing easily tolerates working pressures up to 300 psi. All sizes include high efficiency impellers, ensuring minimal NPSH and maximum pump efficiency. A compact arrangement and balanced axial loads increase bearing and seal life. —Taco Inc.

Energy-reporting software
Called eView, this energy-reporting and dashboard solution is a Web-based software application that provides insight into energy use, cost, and environmental impact at the organizational, campus and/or individual building levels. It offers a wide range of data presentation options for immediate viewing, reporting, analysis and communication. Key functions include energy analysis, financial analysis, actual-vs.-budget comparisons, invoices, and tenant-billing management across multiple sites. There is also a "rate engine" that enables users to create different types of rates, reports that can be printed, saved or scheduled for automatic distribution via e-mail. —Trane

Sound-level meters
RION meters NL-42 and NL-52 are sound level, data-logging, intergrating meters that meet both ANSI and IEC specifications. They differ only by Class type (2 or 1, respectively), have dust- and water-resistant cases, 3-in high-contrast color TFT screens, and 26 hr of battery operation using regular or rechargeable batteries. —Scantek Inc.

Intelligent airflow control dampers
The intelligent and reliable AIR-IQ airflow-measuring solution provides precise airflow measurement and control with low-leakage performance. Comprehensive laboratory testing verifies measurement accuracy of ±5 percent of reading throughout the entire measurement range, without blade-position interaction, and up to AMCA Class 1A air leakage performance. AIR-IQ is the result of a joint engineering and design effort using EBTRON thermal dispersion technology and TAMCO high-performing dampers. The It’s available with many TAMCO damper models and options, including Air-Foil Control (1000 Series), Ultra-low Leakage (1500 Series), and Thermally Insulated (9000 Series) dampers. These dampers are virtually maintenance-free when installed in accordance with published instructions. Standard models supply both analog outputs and RS-485 communications with field-selectable network protocols–at no extra cost. —EBTRON and TAMCO

Carbon-monoxide detectors
The CO1224T and CO1224TR carbon monoxide (CO) detectors include RealTest—the first field-functional CO test fully compliant with NFPA 720: 2009. RealTest enables quick verification that the detectors are protecting occupants. Both units provide multiple mounting options and are quick and easy to install, test, and maintain. With a low current draw, the latest electrochemical sensing cell, and a six-year, end-of-life timer, the CO1224T and CO1224TR provide reliable protection. — System Sensor

Packaged rooftop ventilation system
A new 15- to 30-ton commercial packaged ventilation system with optional energy recovery provides a state-of-the-art solution for dehumidification and ventilation needs. The unit's optional energy-recovery system uses waste energy from a building to temper the incoming load while delivering 100 percent outside air. All units are designed to meet ASHRAE Standard 90.1. The optional energy recovery ventilator offers a maximum of 8,700 cfm outdoor air and low static pressure with higher efficiency. It has a built-in air bypass for efficient economizer operation, optional pre-heat for frost control, MERV10 fresh and/or exhaust-air filters, and easy access for service. The new product is scheduled to be available in the fall of 2011. —Modine Manufacturing Co.

Energy-recovery ventilator
Micro-Z is a packaged air-to-air sensible energy-recovery unit that comes in three standard models in four or five sizes (depending on model). They are designed to handle airflows of 600 to 5,500 cfm at a nominal efficiency of 60 percent. The high-efficiency Z-Duct plate-type sensible heat exchanger transfers heat energy from the exhaust air stream to the supply-air stream, providing significant energy savings. —Munters Corp.

Commercial air curtain
The second generation In-Ceiling Mount air curtain features the Intelliswitch 2 digital controller and the new patent-pending Pro-V Nozzle. Intelliswitch 2 features a thermostat, three-speed fan control, time clock, and timer delay. It operates from a hand-held wireless remote control. Pro-V Nozzle produces twice the air velocity at a lower decibel rating, but with the same horsepower of competing models. The In-Ceiling Mount is a recessed air curtain to draw room air. It's a viable substitute for vestibules that saves 10 percent more energy and costs. Its electric heating or hot-water/steam-coil option functions as a space heater in the Comfort Plus mode to maintain vestibule set-point temperature when doors are closed. Intelliswitch 2 is designed with self-diagnostic capabilities. —Berner International

Multifunction meter
Model EMMA multifunction meter measures humidity, temperature, air velocity, airflow, sound, and light in one easy-to-use instrument. The dual-line four-digit LCD display shows both the current and average reading. For reading measurements in dimly lighted areas, the display has a built-in backlight. Besides measuring current and average reading, Model EMMA allows the user to read the minimum, maximum, and differential measurement for each parameter. —Dwyer Instruments Inc.

Intelligent pump monitor
The i-Alert Condition Monitor is an intelligent monitoring device that provides early warning of pending pump trouble. It measures vibration and temperature every 5 min., alarms when two consecutive readings of "high" levels are made. Temperature alarms go off at 195°F. The ambient temperature range measured by this device runs from -40°F to 212°F. It is accurate to ±15 percent across a temperature range. The battery has 3- to 5-year life and is a low voltage, non-replaceable, 3V Lithium product. The i-ALERT soon will be standard on all Bell & Gossett Series 1510 End Suction Pumps. —ITT Bell & Gossett

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