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2009 AHR Expo Product Preview

Jan. 1, 2009
Weather transmitters WXT520 weather transmitters measure wind speed and direction, liquid precipitation, barometric pressure, temperature, and relative

Weather transmitters

WXT520 weather transmitters measure wind speed and direction, liquid precipitation, barometric pressure, temperature, and relative humidity. Outdoor measurement of temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure is needed to calculate the enthalpy of outdoor air. With similar information from inside a building, a building-automation system can calculate the most efficient way to reach desired conditions. Wind-speed and direction measurements can be used to improve ventilation control.
— Vaisala

Turbine pumps

Available in 4- to 12-in. suction sizes and with 75 to 6,000 gpm, vertical turbine pumps come with high-profile ductile heads and stuffing box, stainless-steel shafting and couplings, and an optional stainless-steel basket strainer. The pumps are practical for use in condenser- and chilled-water, water-transfer, pressure-boosting, and water-supply applications.
— Taco Inc.

Air conditioners

Useful for spaces in which space is at a premium, such as server/telecom rooms, CM12 ceiling-mounted packaged spot air conditioners deliver 10,500 Btuh of cooling. The air conditioners mount with standard, off-the-shelf hardware in tight drop-ceiling spaces and require no special electrical connections. The air conditioners can connect to a building-control system and works with fire-alarm controls for safety shutoff.
— MovinCool

Web server

BCM-Web, a BACtalk control-module Web server, automatically reads building-automation-system BACnet data from Alerton's BACtalk system and translates the data to Web pages. The Web server offers quick setup and enables users to create and edit schedules, alarms, and trendlogs, which save time when jobs are updated and reconfigured. Building owners can view facility data from any Internet access point in the world.
— Alerton

Air curtains

Available with electric or steam and hot-water heating options, LoPro commercial air curtains deliver a stream of air that separates one environment from another, reducing air-conditioning and heating expenses and deterring flying insects to help improve sanitation levels.
— Mars Air Systems

Tankless water heaters

Light-commercial T-K3-Pro tankless water heaters include heat exchangers made with HRS35, an advanced heavy-duty copper alloy that is more resilient against erosions and leaks. The water heaters, which feature a thermal rating of 86 percent for liquid propane and 84 percent for natural gas, begin heating water at 0.5 gpm, but can generate an unlimited supply of hot water at a maximum flow rate of 7.0 gpm.
— Takagi

Scroll compressors

Apexx VSH high-capacity (12 to 40 tons of refrigeration) R-410A variable-speed scroll compressors for air conditioning and heat pumps offer continuous matching of cooling capacity to cooling load, resulting in high energy efficiency and enhanced cooling comfort. In each application range, a high-efficiency scroll compressor and variable-speed drive are designed to operate with each other and optimized for efficient performance.
— Danfoss

Bypass technology

For motors and drives, E-Clipse bypass technology is practical for wall mounting and/or fitting into air-handling units and pumping packages. The bypasses allow building managers to keep motors in constant-speed operation, if and when drives need to be maintained. Such operation can be critical, particularly to ensure the performance of intake- and exhaust-air fans during all conditions, including fire. The bypasses communicate directly with building-automation systems.
— ABB Inc.

Commercial-ventilation products

Fantech has expanded its line of commercial-ventilation products to include power roof ventilators, wall fans, and air circulators. These products join the company's line of inline exhaust fans, heat- and energy-recovery ventilators, and dryer booster fans. The fans range in size from 50 to 76,000 cfm.
— Fantech


Available in six models with inputs from 900 to 3,000 mbh, HE-AB Series forced-draft gas-fired flexible watertube water boilers feature a guaranteed efficiency of 85 percent. The high combustion efficiency is caused by an integrated extended-surface heat extractor and is supported by 7 sq ft of heating surface per boiler horsepower. The boilers operate at normal operating temperatures without special venting or condensing material.
— Bryan Steam LLC

Coil cleaners

Practical for smaller rooftop units, hard-to-reach air handlers, and refrigeration condenser coils, CoilPro Jr. coil cleaners include a 125-psi pump, a deep-cycle battery, operator-controlled chemical injection, and custom accessories.
— Goodway Technologies Corp.

Commercial comfort systems

Light-commercial Series 10 comfort systems have a 6½- to 12½-ton cooling- and 90- to 190-mbh heating-range capacity. Each system features two compressors, independent refrigeration circuits, and foil-faced insulation. The systems are available in cooling-only, cooling-with-electric-heat, and cooling-with-gas-heat configurations.
— Johnson Controls

Heating manifolds

Made of thermoplastic high-performance materials, engineered-plastic heating manifolds for radiant applications resist corrosion, pitting, scaling, elevated chlorine levels, and ultraviolet light and are suitable for use under of high impact, heat, and moisture conditions. The manifolds are available in two to eight loops and accommodate 15.4 gpm. The manifolds offer vent and purge capabilities, and attached flow meters provide balancing for radiant loops.
— Uponor Corp.

Duct smoke detectors

InnovairFlex duct smoke detectors offer false-alarm immunity, a broad temperature range from -4 to 158°F, visible status indicators, and an accessible test feature. One unit can accommodate multiple installation footprints to overcome mounting constraints.
— System Sensor

Water filters

Automatic self-cleaning water filters remove micron-size suspended solids, independent of specific gravity, from water in once-through and recirculating systems, such as cooling, process, reclaim, effluent, intake, and wash waters. Single filters handle flow rates up to 12,000 gpm but can be banked to handle unlimited flows. Water-filter installation can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal in new or existing piping systems.
— Orival Water Filters


Air-cooled chillers are available from 7½ to 350 tons with integrated free cooling. Fifty-percent free cooling is achieved with ambient temperatures 10°F below chilled-water temperature and 100-percent free cooling with 20°F differential. The chillers offer energy savings for any year-round cooling application, such as data centers and other mission-critical sites. Typical investment payback occurs in less than one year.
— Motivair

Energy-savings software

Energy-savings-predictor software includes a customizable carbon-footprint/emissions-calculation module that shows the immediate carbon-dioxide savings of a Yaskawa drive vs. a conventional flow-control method. The software is optimized for Windows XP and Vista and includes a project-management module that allows users to create projects containing multiple systems of different sizes, such as fan, pump, and cooling-tower-fan systems.

Trim systems

Temp-A-Trim air-density trim systems offer fuel savings up to 3 percent by maintaining optimal burner-combustion efficiency. The systems sense combustion air temperature and automatically vary burner fan speed to create a constant mass airflow, thereby maintaining optimal combustion efficiency. No special setup is required.
— Webster Engineering


HBTR-451 dampers are recommended for two-position shut-off applications including medical facilities, laboratories, food processing, military facilities, campuses, clean rooms, and microelectronic manufacturing. The dampers feature a silicone blade seal and are double-gland axle-seal factory-leakage tested to ensure bubble-tight performance up to 30-in.-wg differential pressure.
— Greenheck

Drain sensors

Designed for use with Blue Diamond condensate pumps, DrainStik sensors automatically start and stop the pumps when condensate is present. A slim-line probe, which houses water sensors and a high-level alarm, can be mounted directly into the drain tube of all types of equipment. With no moving parts, the sensors are an alternative to existing float switches.
— Charles Austin Pumps