Feb. 1, 2005
Air-cooled chillers Incorporating advanced variable-speed-drive technology with screw compressors an industry first Latitude offers best-in-class energy

Air-cooled chillers

Incorporating advanced variable-speed-drive technology with screw compressors — an industry first — Latitude offers best-in-class energy efficiency and what is said to be the lowest total cost of ownership and quietest operation of any air-cooled chiller. Utilizing HFC-134a refrigerant and available from 150 to 260 TR, Latitude provides full-load design efficiencies as high as 10.3 EER, exceeding ASHRAE Standard 90.1. Integrated part-load values as high as 15.2 EER deliver average annual energy savings of 15 to 25 percent, compared with traditional air-cooled chillers. During acoustically critical morning and evening hours, Latitude chillers are up to 6-dBA quieter (50-percent perceived-noise reduction) than competitive chillers. Latitude units take advantage of SilentNight control, which employs a load-limit control function to ensure quiet operation. Also, they come with built-in acoustic features that eliminate the need for additional sound attenuation and sound-barrier walls.
York International Corp.
Circle 100

Chilled-water air conditioner

Designed to provide economical, year-round comfort, the Q-Tec QC Series chilled-water air conditioner provides cooling, dehumidification, and ventilation. Its Quiet Technology allows it to be installed inside structures, eliminating the need for outdoor condensing units or roof-mounted equipment. An optional hot-water coil is available.
Bard Manufacturing Co.
Circle 101

Firestopping systems

Said to be the first firestopping systems to meet Underwriters Laboratories' new W Rating-Class One requirements for water tightness when used on horizontal floor penetrations, Fire Barrier Water Tight silicone sealants help reduce potential problems associated with water and moisture intrusion.
Circle 102

Zero-water-consumption urinals

Shown to be more hygienic than their flush-style counterparts, zero-water-consumption urinals from Falcon Waterfree Technologies save an average of 40,000 gallons of water per year. Because there is no flushing mechanism, mechanical maintenance is eliminated. A cartridge with biodegradable sealant provides odor-free operation.
Falcon Waterfree Technologies
Circle 103

Superheat accessory head

The ASH3 Superheat Accessory Head for digital multimeters measures suction-line pressure and suction-line temperature simultaneously and calculates superheat for both R-22 and R-410A refrigerants. Included with the accessory head is the ATC1 Pipe Clamp Thermocouple.
Fieldpiece Instruments Inc.
Circle 104

Equipment-mounting supports

With a high load-bearing capacity attained with a system of internal bulkheads welded into position at specific intervals along their rails, TEMS-1, TEMS-2, and TEMS-3 equipment-mounting supports make roof installation of HVAC units easier. Standard construction includes a welded 18-gauge galvanized-steel shell, base plate, and counter flashing and a factory-installed wood nailer.
Circle 105

Sine-wave filters

MTE Series A sine-wave filters provide a sine-wave output voltage when driven from PWM inverters with switching frequencies from 2 to 8 Khz. For drive applications, they eliminate motor-insulation failures and reduce electromagnetic interference.
MTE Corp.
Circle 106

Humidity/temperature transmitter

The EE22 humidity/temperature transmitter features interchangeable sensing probes that store calibration data. In extreme temperatures (-40 to 176 F) or where space is limited, the probes can be connected with cables without affecting the EE22's performance.
E+Elektronik GmbH
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