April 1, 2010
Ventilation systems The Dream Aire 5000 ventilation system offers a combination of air-purification and bacteria-killing capability through the use of

Ventilation systems

The Dream Aire 5000 ventilation system offers a combination of air-purification and bacteria-killing capability through the use of an electrostatic precipitation process (ESP) with a cleansing efficiency of 95 percent. The unit also serves as an energy- and heat-recovery system constantly moving air in and out of the classroom or office, with a heat exchange rate of 75 percent. The energy of exhausted air is retained in the unit's exchanger while fresh air is treated to ensure a consistent temperature. A thermostat inside of the unit recognizes the temperature of incoming fresh air, heating the air when its temperature is lower than 55°F or 65°F, depending on a pre-set temperature preference.
— Tamarack Technologies Inc.
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Screw compressors

For R-134A and R-407C chillers, compact CSW screw compressors are available in capacities from 40 to 255 nominal tons. The compressors offer infinite or four-step capacity controls.
— Bitzer US Inc.
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Heat pumps

Tranquility Rooftop (TRE) heat pumps are designed for an extended range of source-water temperatures, which makes the units suitable for closed-loop or ground-source closed-loop systems. The 3- to 20-ton heat pumps can introduce a fixed amount of outside air year-round or free cooling when outdoor conditions are favorable. Features include galvanized-steel construction with polyester powder-coat paint, Copeland scroll compressors, insulated cabinetry, and a slide-out blower assembly with high-efficiency motors.
— ClimateMaster Inc.
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Multigas monitors

Able to monitor up to four gases with one button controlling all functions, Tetra multigas monitors feature a backlighted “at-a-glance” display providing simultaneous viewing of all gas readings, alarm conditions, and battery life. The monitors give rapid warnings of the presence of gas when hazardous levels are detected. Users are alerted by bright blue and red light-emitting diodes and a 90-dBA alarm.
— CEA Instruments Inc.
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Fire/smoke damper

Three-hour-rated with Class I leakage, FSD-331 combination fire/smoke dampers feature a high-strength steel airfoil-style blade. The dampers have velocity ratings of up to 4,000 fpm and a pressure rating of up to 4 in. wg. The units are available in a vertical mount with a maximum size of 120 in. wide by 96 in. high.
— Greenheck
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Building-management iPhone application

The USE-Mobile iPhone application utilizes U.S. Energy Group's USE Manager system to allow property managers to control buildings via a mobile device, such as an iPhone, Blackberry, or other smart phone. Features include real-time status of critical boiler information and full system integration with the USE-Controller energy-management system and Verifier digital fuel gauge.
— U.S. Energy Group
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LED flashlight

The OPD-500 Dual Max is a cordless, multifunction, dual-headed light-emitting-diode (LED) flashlight well-suited for refrigerant-leak detection in all types of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. The unit features a high-flux blue LED on one end for fluorescent leak detection and a high-flux white LED on the opposite end for general component inspection.
— Spectronics Corp.
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Zone-control panels

For light-commercial applications, Zone Control Panels can be configured to operate pumps or zone valves for up to five hydronic heating zones. Two panels can be daisy chained for control of up to 10 zones. The panels can be configured to give priority to domestic hot water so that it is available under all load conditions, including a single “hard-to-heat” zone.
— Heat-Timer Corp.
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Room-pressure monitors

Applications for SRCM room-pressure monitors include pharmaceutical, hospital, semiconductor, research-laboratory, and cleanroom facilities. The monitors are well-suited to monitor positive, negative, or neutral air pressures per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines in hospital isolation rooms and protected environments requiring stringent room-pressure monitoring and alarming.
— Setra Systems Inc.
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Controls remote

The BAS Remote was developed as a BACnet/Internet Protocol (IP) remote input/output device that could connect to an IP Ethernet infrastructure. With a Modbus serial bus interface, the remote routed Modbus transmission-control-protocol messages to attached Modbus serial slaves. With firmware Version 3.0, these same Modbus slaves can be mapped as BACnet objects. The remote allows users of controls, such as those used with boilers and lighting, to convert Modbus variables to BACnet objects for installations as well as systems that require BACnet.
— Contemporary Controls
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Combination louver/air-measuring station/damper

The IAQ350XL combines a wind-driven rain louver, air-measuring station, and high-performance airfoil control damper in one product. A Class 1 leakage damper provides tight sealing on a building envelope and a standard factory pressure transducer allows a building-automation-system interface.
— Ruskin
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Condensing boilers

A hydronic solution that offers 95-percent energy efficiency, NeoTherm condensing boilers modulate with a 5-to-1 turndown ratio. The direct-vent, sealed-combustion boilers range in size from 80 to 850 mbh. Features include top-mounted water and gas lines and air intake, permitting close, multiple-boiler installation.
— Laars Heating Systems
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Environmental controls

Created for the lodging industry, Environmental Control Manager features complete programmability and temperature control via the Internet from anywhere in the world for occupied and unoccupied rooms. The control's occupancy sensor senses motion and heat and can control air-conditioning-unit operation to obtain an ideal room environment.
— LG Electronics
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For light-commercial hydronic applications, Alpha 115-v circulators feature a permanent-magnet motor design that can cut power consumption by 50 percent or more. The circulators are equipped with the Grundfos AutoAdapt function, which automatically modulates circulator performance to match changing system demand. An electronically controlled motor features a magnetized rotor, which avoids motor-slippage problems.
— Grundfos Pumps Corp.
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Hydronic-tank controller

The HydroZone hydronic-tank controller eliminates the need for external control devices when used in conjunction with the GeoTank large flow center. A sensor that is built into geothermal storage tanks enables the module to control water temperature using one of three strategies: outdoor reset (heating only), tank control (manual), or tank control (auto changeover). With menu-driven software and adjustable set points and deadbands, the unit can control up to four compressor stages. The fourth stage is configurable as auxiliary heat for the hydronic tank.
— WaterFurnace International Inc.
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Cooling towers

With capacities from 250 to 2,000 cooling tons, TM Series cooling towers include a unitarily molded leak-proof sump with I-beam pockets, non-clog large-orifice spray nozzles, and a double-wall seamless high-density polyethylene shell. Made of an engineered plastic, the cooling towers also include energy-efficient direct-drive fans.
— Delta Cooling Towers Inc.
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Building-management system

Version 5.0 of the Metasys building-management system delivers greater visibility into building operations and energy usage through multiple system enhancements, including Web-enabled reports and summaries compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch platforms as well as wireless controls and sensors. The system features new and simplified Ready Access Portal graphics that can be accessed over a building's network or remotely through Web-enabled personal-computer devices.
— Johnson Controls
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Building-management system

Designed for light-commercial buildings of up to 50,000 sq ft, iWorx is a Web-based building-management, monitoring, and control system well-suited for integrating forced-air and hydronic systems and ensuring that building systems communicate effectively and work together smoothly. No software programming is required, and the system is self-configuring.
— Taco Electronics Solutions
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Heat pumps

The 18RLXS (18,000 Btu), 24RLXS (24,000 Btu), and 30RLX (30,000 Btu) ductless wall-mount split-system heat pumps now offer longer refrigerant pipe lengths and higher energy efficiencies. Each of the systems has an extended line-set capability, providing a line-set maximum of 165 lineal feet.
— Fujitsu General Americas Inc.
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