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Sept. 1, 2007
Adjustable-speed drives A line of adjustable-speed drives designed for use in almost all applications, the VS drive line includes two adjustable-speed

Adjustable-speed drives

A line of adjustable-speed drives designed for use in almost all applications, the VS drive line includes two adjustable-speed alternating-current (AC) drives, three microdrives, and a pump/fan drive. The VS1SP sensorless vector drive and VS1GV closed-loop vector drive are high-performance variable-speed AC drives that are useful in difficult applications regardless of what voltage, power rating, or performance level an application requires. Their removable keypads provide help-text information in a variety of languages. Ranging from ½ to 10 hp, VS1 microdrives are compact and feature user-friendly interfaces and design elements that ensure consistent motor control throughout a variety of voltages, horsepowers, and enclosure types. The VS1PF drive, available from 5 to 700 hp, is suited for the pump and fan industry. Its energy-savings mode adjusts output automatically based on load.
Baldor Electric Co.
Circle 100

Current sensors

A micro split-core current sensor, the Hawkeye 300 Current Switch fits in small enclosures. It takes one-third of the space that a standard split-core current sensor requires. It is useful for monitoring the status of vents, exhaust fans, recirculation pumps, and other fixed loads. The sensor provides a 100-percent solid-state design and polarity-insensitive output.
Veris Industries
Circle 101

CFD software

Flovent Version 7 computational-fluid-dynamics software simulates heating and cooling in buildings. The software features a response-surface-optimization capability that fits a 3D surface to an entire design space.
Flomerics Inc.
Circle 102

Heat pumps

Part of the Mr. Slim M-Series line of inverter-driven cooling-only and heat-pump products, the MSZ-A09NA indoor model has a cooling capacity of 9,000 Btuh and a heating capacity of 10,900 Btuh. It also has a seasonal energy-efficiency ratio of 17.0 and an energy-efficiency ratio of 13.0.
Mitsubishi Electric HVAC
Circle 103

Laser smoke detectors

The 7251DH air-duct smoke detector combines a high-sensitivity laser sensor with smoke-detection capability. It is well-suited for environments with high airflow and/or several air changes per hour, such as data centers.
System Sensor
Circle 104

Humidity/temperature transmitters

The Series RHL transmitter provides a stable, repeatable, and accurate means of measuring humidity or humidity and temperature in harsh environments. The polymer-capacitance sensor is not affected by condensation, fog, high humidity, or contaminants and is designed for years of calibration-free service.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.
Circle 105

Gas/air system

The WhirlWind gas/air-control and safety system features two automatic-shutoff valves in series, a zero-pressure regulator, and a patented swirlplate. Its random airflow pattern reduces resonance. The system mounts directly to combustion blowers and is Canadian Standards Association-certified.
Karl Dungs Inc.
Circle 106


Now ETL-, United States-, and Canada-listed, the Oil-Acid-Moisture Purger is designed to continually clean oil, acid, and moisture from a chiller's refrigerant charge and return the oil to the chiller's compressor lubrication circuit/oil-reservoir sump. It regains chiller capacity and can save thousands of dollars in energy costs per year.
Redi Controls
Circle 107

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