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Oct. 3, 2012
Energy-recovery modules RAPID energy-recovery modules for direct- and indirect-fired heating or cooling sections feature an air-to-air plate exchanger that captures heat from an air handler’s exhaust air and transfers it to the incoming air at an ...

Energy-recovery modules
RAPID energy-recovery modules for direct- and indirect-fired heating or cooling sections feature an air-to-air plate exchanger that captures heat from an air handler’s exhaust air and transfers it to the incoming air at an AHRI-certified efficiency of approximately 60 percent. The plate-style design does not have moving parts, which minimizes maintenance needs and maximizes equipment life. Available airflows range from 2,000 to 60,000 cfm.
—Rapid Engineering

Braided sprinkler hose
Series AH2 braided hose for the VicFlex (formerly AquaFlex) fire Sprinkler Fitting System is 100-percent kink-resistant and offers a tight bend radius of 2 in. and the most allowed bends. The hose offers outstanding hydraulic performance, with 50-percent less friction loss compared with corrugated systems. The Series AH2 braided hose is both cULus-listed and FM-approved in combination with the AB1 bracket.

Dedicated-outdoor-air system
The CITY MULTI dedicated-outdoor-air system (DOAS) is designed to supply outdoor ventilation air to a building independent of the HVAC air-distribution system. The DOAS recovers waste heat to provide reheat capability, increasing energy efficiency.
—Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating

Large axial fan
The W3GZ50 electronically commutated (EC) axial fan measures 49 in. in diameter and is environmentally protected for outdoor use. The W3GZ50’s fan assembly comes complete with custom blades, a venturi housing, and a fan guard, which are designed to work togeteher to provide optimum performance. The energy-efficient EC motor offers complete speed control using either a 0-10 VDC, 4-20 mA, or Modbus input signal. Open-loop and closed-loop speed controls and a closed-loop sensor control with built in proportional–integral–derivative controller are programmable to suit many different applications.

ZIP-code-based economizer
The ZIP economizer uses a patented U.S. Postal Service ZIP code setup to offer customized energy-saving air-side economizing with fault messages, alarms, and troubleshooting capability. When the user programs the economizer’s ZIP-code location, the unit recognizes the climate zone and automatically sets the high-limit-changeover temperature. Other features include plug-and-play modular design, access to the manufacturer’s technical support team, and a five-year warranty. —Belimo

Demand-controlled ventilation
A demand-controlled ventilation option is available for Energence rooftop units equipped with economizer or motorized outdoor-air damper and for non-Prodigy-control-system rooftop units using an economizer. The option helps system designers minimize energy costs while maintaining indoor-air quality. It uses a carbon-dioxide sensor to estimate occupancy levels, improve air quality by diluting indoor-air pollutants, reduce concentrations of odors and volatile organic compounds, and supply the proper amount of fresh air.

Fan-assist module
The PowerAire Quad fan-assist module is designed for data centers with finished floor heights as low as 7.5 in. It uses four fans connected in parallel to manage the cooling requirements of dense server racks while providing built-in redundancy. The unit automatically turns on when additional cooling is required. Control options include client-controlled and control via one or three rack-mounted sensors. Equipped with variable-speed drives, all four fans can be throttled up or down based on heat-load requirements. Coupled with the DirectAire airflow panel, the PowerAire Quad can deliver up to 2,495 cfm at 0.1 in. wg.

Duct smoke detectors
InnovairFlex D4120 4-wire photoelectric duct smoke detectors feature a pivoting housing that fits both square and rectangular footprints and mounts to round or rectangular ductwork. This unit operates with airflow speeds of 100 to 4,000 fpm, temperatures of –4°F to 158°F, and humidity of 0 to 95 percent (noncondensing). For applications that require supply and return detection, the D4120 has a 2-to-1 sensor-to-power-board capability that eliminates the need to run power to a second power board and reduces maintenance and testing costs by enabling the testing of two sensors from a single location.
—System Sensor

Pressure-independent control valves
Two-waypressure-independent hydronic control valves combine three functions into a single device: control valve, adjustable flow limiter, and automatic pressure regulator. This enables hydronic balancing in room, zone, and other HVAC applications.

BIM object library
Caleffi has released a building-information-modeling (BIM) object library to help engineers and hydronic-system designers easily incorporate the appropriate hydronic products into their designs. Initially, the library will feature only the company’s most frequently requested items; additional items will be added.

Multizone air-conditioning system
The Mini DVM air-conditioning system has been designed to provide zone comfort and energy efficiency in light- commercial applications. Outdoor units in either a 3- or 4-ton nominal capacity feature the Samsung Smart Inverter compressor, which allows the delivered capacity to vary based on combined indoor building load. That capacity can be delivered to up to eight indoor units of various styles and capacities, including Slim Duct and medium-static-pressure ducted types, Slim one-way or four-way ceiling cassettes, and Neo Forte and Vivace high-wall units. The Mini DVM also can support Samsung’s Building Management solution to allow remote access to systems.

Dynamic cooling assessment
Dynamic Cooling Assessment for data centers uses sensors and wireless communications to track environmental temperature and humidity in a data center environment. Continuous, real-time performance tracking enables trends and problems with temperature and airflow to be identified before they jeopardize IT load availability. When issues are identified, solutions are recommended to prevent environmental problems, such as hot spots or overcooling, and to improve cooling-system efficiency.
—Emerson Network Power

Air-cooled scroll chillers
AquaSnap 30RAP air-cooled scroll chillers are now offered in capacities of up to 150 tons. Each unit includes its own single-point power supply and multiple high-efficiency scroll compressors for quiet, reliable operation and operating redundancy. The compact design also allows for installation in tight spaces. AquaSnap 30RAP chillers are available with factory- and field-installed options, including a hydronic system that maximizes pump efficiency, hot-gas bypass, suction service valves, head-pressure control, cooler heaters, and an energy-management module.

Data-center cooler
EcoBreeze is a modular data-center cooler that can switch automatically between air-to-air and indirect-evaporative heat exchange to provide efficient, consistent cooling. The unit’s design reduces energy consumption by leveraging temperature differences between outside ambient air and return air. The EcoBreeze is available in multiple frame sizes with varying voltages and phases to address any data center’s cooling needs.
—Schneider Electric

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