Nov. 1, 2010
Centrifugal fans ERAE and ERAD Series forward-curved radial centrifugal alternating-current fans deliver up to 4,000 cfm of air movement in a single-inlet design. They are used to cool generators and switchboards in wind-energy plants and windmills, as ...

Centrifugal fans
ERAE and ERAD Series forward-curved radial centrifugal alternating-current fans deliver up to 4,000 cfm of air movement in a single-inlet design. They are used to cool generators and switchboards in wind-energy plants and windmills, as well as cleanrooms and commercial kitchens. The fans are available in sizes from 5.2 to 15.7 in.
—Rosenberg USA
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Steam boilers
Well-suited for larger-scale installations, such as hospitals, factories, and college/university campuses, modular, on-demand, ultra-low-nitrogen-oxide LX-300 boilers enable plants to generate steam in close accordance with demand and load profiles, optimizing energy management. The 300-bhp, gas-fired steam generators feature a single-pressure-vessel, zero-side-clearance design that offers a compact footprint for point-of-use applications with the flexibility to link multiple modules.
—Miura Boiler
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Power-distribution units
The PX-1000 Series of intelligent rack-power-distribution units features integrated support for optional environmental sensors, Web-based energy-performance-tracking capabilities, and several security features. The units gather power information, including data on voltage, current, power factor, apparent power, active power, environmental temperature and humidity, and energy consumption. Real-time information can be seen on a light-emitting-diode display at the rack and from a remote-user interface via a Web browser.
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Wastewater pumps
Impact high-efficiency submersible wastewater pumps are designed for use in commercial and building-services applications in which wastewater or drainage must be disposed of quickly, quietly, and efficiently. The pumps are configured to process solids more easily and reduce clogging while improving hydraulic efficiency. The air-filled motor, dual mechanical seal, and seal chamber improve overall pump efficiency and durability, resulting in less wear of pump components over longer periods of time, reducing maintenance and energy costs.
—Bell & Gossett, a brand of ITT Corp.
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Scroll compressors
For use with R-404A refrigerant, VS Series Scroll compressors are designed for commercial refrigeration applications. Design features include fewer moving parts (30-percent fewer than comparable reciprocating compressors), fixed-scroll-set and floating-scroll-tip seals for improved efficiency with no wear-in period, and industry-standard mounting footprint and refrigerant connections. Other features include single-panel access for controls and electrical hookups, heavy-duty steel base plates, coated fan guards, and fan shrouds.
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Manifold mixing stations
Designed for use in manifold-based hydronic distribution systems, 171 and 172 Series manifold mixing stations regulate fluid temperature. The 171 Series motorized manifold mixing station incorporates a modulating three-point floating actuator to regulate the temperature of the fluid sent to the system-flow manifold according to the actual thermal load in response to a separately sourced outdoor-reset controller. The 172 Series thermostatic manifold mixing station maintains flow temperature at a constant set value for use in low-temperature systems, such as floor radiant panels.
—Caleffi Hydronic Solutions
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Super-E motors include 26 premium-efficient ratings designed for the HVAC industry; more than 50 washdown, paint-free, and stainless premium-efficient ratings; and more than 70 premium-efficient unit-handling ratings. The motors’ efficiencies meet or exceed National Electrical Manufacturers Association Premium efficiencies followed by most electric utilities and meet or exceed levels required by the Energy Independence and Security Act. General-purpose ratings are available from 1 to 450 hp.
—Baldor Electric Co.
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Hart & Cooley now offers 6-in.-deep extruded-aluminum architectural louvers. Two-in., 4-in., and 6-in. fixed-blade models include optional drainable blades that provide an integrated gutter for water control and disposal, providing extra water protection compared with a standard blade. Drain gutters minimize water cascade between blades, while the frame collects and removes water, protecting against water penetration.
—Hart & Cooley Inc.
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Fiberglass duct liner
Used primarily as an acoustical liner in sheet-metal ducts, ToughGard T Textile Duct Liner helps improve the energy efficiency of an HVAC system by reducing heat gain or loss and minimizing moisture problems caused by condensation. Moisture that enters a duct system insulated with the liner beads is evaporated by airflow before it can be absorbed. Made with 75-percent recycled content, the liner is composed primarily of long, textile-type glass fibers.
—CertainTeed Corp.
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Current transducers
Compatible with Onset's HOBO U30 and H22 data-logging systems, miniature split-core current transducers measure the alternating-current loads of motors, pumps, and other equipment. The sensor suite includes five compact transducers that can be installed on electrical wiring.
—Onset Computer Corp.
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With a capacity range of 8,800 to 11,200 kw, YORK model YK-EP Energy Plus chillers are suitable for large chilled-water plants. The chillers feature a mechanical-compression economizer cycle that provides increased capacity and improved efficiency. They can utilize entering-condenser-water temperatures (ECWT) as low as 55˚F. Additionally, the chillers use HFC-134a refrigerant.
—Johnson Controls
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Drives Firmware
Firmware Version 3.50 is now available for VLT HVAC drives. Firmware provides on-board BACnet communication to maximize installation, expansion, and modification flexibility, as well as "Smart-Start" functionality for faster commissioning of the drive and motor. The embedded BACnet protocol contains much of the same functionality as the separate, full-featured BACnet communication module used in existing VLT HVAC drive installations. The external BACnet module will continue to be an available option.
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