May 1, 2010
Fume-hood controller Able to integrate into building-management systems via BACnet, LonWorks, or Modbus to document alarms and trend data, FHC50 fume-hood

Fume-hood controller

Able to integrate into building-management systems via BACnet, LonWorks, or Modbus to document alarms and trend data, FHC50 fume-hood controllers can control valves or dampers with an actuator for containment during sash movements. Input measurement options include sash sensors and side-wall velocity sensors, as well as flows from venturi valves or pressure- or thermal-based flow stations.
— TSI Inc.
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Vertical inline pumps

RAV and RWAV Series air-cooled vertical inline pumps are suitable for boiler-feed, steam-condensate-return, HVAC, heat-transfer, hot-oil, and hot-water applications. Designed for hot-oil applications, RAV pumps are available in three sizes and have capacities of up to 275 gpm, heads of up to 300 ft, maximum working pressures of 250 psig, and maximum pumping temperatures of 650°F. Designed for use with hot water, ethylene glycol, and propylene glycol, RWAV pumps have pressures of up to 450 psig and temperatures of up to 400°F.
— Dean Pump
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Portable air conditioners

A portable air conditioner that delivers 12 tons of cooling capacity, the KPO unit measures 32-in. wide by 64-in. deep by 62-in. high and is small enough to fit through a standard door. The 12-ton unit can be positioned outdoors to duct cold air in or indoors to duct hot air out. Condenser, cold supply, and return air can be ducted up to 60 ft using high static blowers.
— KwiKool Portable Cooling Systems
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Full-flow fittings

Made of Type 304 or 316 stainless steel, Grinnell full-flow fittings are suitable for industrial, mining, HVAC, and plumbing applications. For rooms/facilities that require non-corrosive conditions, such as wastewater-treatment plants and pharmaceutical laboratories, the fittings are available in 1- to 12-in. sizes to fit Schedule 5, 10, or 40 stainless-steel pipe.
— Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products
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Tube-heater safety system

The Tube Integrity Safety System is a low-voltage circuit that continuously monitors the clearance between the top of a tube heater's reflector and a ceiling for excessive heat and tube-integrity compromise. If heat increases because of heat-exchanger failure, the wire melts, the safety circuit is broken, and the gas controls shut down.
— Space-Ray Infrared Heaters
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Designed for cooling and heat-recovery applications, AquaForce 30XW water-cooled screw chillers can produce hot water at a controlled temperature to maximize heat recovery and increase overall system efficiency. With non-ozone-depleting HFC-134a refrigerant, the chillers are 48-in. wide and available in 150- to 400-ton models.
— Carrier Corp.
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Energy-reduction system

A liquid-desiccant building energy-reduction system, Twin-Cel utilizes energy previously lost to the environment. The system transfers both temperature and moisture between air streams and allows for greater energy savings than the recovery of sensible heat only. The systems reduce the utilities required to condition outside air for a building.
— Kathabar Dehumidification Systems
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Ventilation-product software

Version 4.2 of the Computer Aided Product Selection (CAPS) program features a new user interface and includes Greenheck product descriptions, application information, dimensional drawings, detailed product-performance data, and CAD drawings. The program provides menu-driven support for the company's centrifugal and vane axial fans, energy-recovery ventilators, makeup-air units, kitchen ventilation systems, dampers, louvers, indoor-air handlers, and coils.
— Greenheck
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Flow-control valves

For commercial hydronic applications, pressure-regulated flow-control valves integrate a pressure-balancing cartridge with a control valve. The cartridge ensures that the flow-through valve remains at design flow. Available in sizes from ½ to 6 in., the valves control flow within 5-percent accuracy at all load conditions.
— Honeywell
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Vertical-unit ventilators

Engineered for classrooms, Valedictorian under-the-window vertical unit ventilators have a modular design that allows easy access to and removal of critical components. A motor mounted outside the air stream isolates vibration in the bearings. Sizes ranging from 750 to 1,500 cfm are available.
— Modine Manufacturing Co.
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Pre-insulated piping

A pre-insulated piping system, R-flex consists of single or dual cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) carrier pipes that are surrounded by a thick layer of PEX foam insulation, all of which is protected by a thick, double-wall, corrugated outer shell. Benefits include low water-vapor absorption, enhanced R-value, and resistance to extreme temperatures.
— Watts Radiant
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Air-conditioning systems

SplitCoolDC18 air-conditioning systems run off a battery bank that is supplied power from an array of photovoltaic panels. The systems install without ducts and can be added quickly to an existing structure. The systems eliminate nearly 30 percent of the cooling or heating loss that occurs in the ductwork of forced-air systems. They allow each room to be conditioned as a separate zone.
— Solar Panels Plus
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Gas- and air-pressure switches

Versa Series gas-pressure switches monitor gas pressure and break the electrical control circuit when pressure drops below or rises above a desired set point. Versa air-pressure switches monitor positive, vacuum, or differential air pressure. Integrated contacts make or break the circuit to the desired set point. A large adjustment knob provides set-point indication.
— A.J. Antunes & Co.
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Ultraviolet-C kits

UVC Kits for Air Handlers can be used in a range of HVAC applications to destroy microorganisms, including flu viruses, bacteria, and mold. The kits deliver Steril-Aire's ultraviolet-C (UVC) technology to fan-coil units, unit-ventilator systems, and indoor-air handlers with coils of up to 84 in. with dual access. Applications include air handlers serving patient rooms, classrooms, hotel/motel rooms, office buildings, and industrial plants.
— Steril-Aire Inc.
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