New Products - May 2009

May 1, 2009
New products for heating, piping and air conditioning

Heat-containment systems

Able to manage the increasing and dynamic heat loads found in modern data centers, Heat Containment Systems (HCS) now are available for third-party server enclosures. The systems manage heat loads found in data centers, integrating into existing cooling infrastructures. By managing hot-air exhaust and preventing air mixing, the systems allow the available cooling infrastructure to be used more efficiently. The systems are designed to capture, manage, and direct heat exhaust from information-technology equipment to the top rear of the enclosure, where it is ducted to a data center's precision air-conditioning units through a ceiling plenum or hot-air returns. The systems are field-installable and able to adapt to existing cabling and wiring infrastructure. Airflow-management accessories, such as blanking panels, bypass airflow grommets, cable-management devices, airflow baffles for Cisco switches, and end-of-row hot- or cold-aisle doors also can be ordered to further improve airflow and power management.
Wright Line
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High-volume/low-speed fans

Multimode control has been added to AltAir high-volume/low-speed industrial ceiling fans. The fans are designed to improve facility environments while conserving energy resources by moving air efficiently. The fans are 9 to 15 ft in diameter and used for cooling, heat destratification, and ventilation.
AirMotion Sciences Inc.
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Air handlers

An addition to the City Multi VRFZ (variable-refrigerant-flow-zoning) cooling and heating product line, PVFY vertical concealed ducted indoor air handlers are available in seven sizes, with capacities from 1 to 4.5 tons. They can be installed vertically or horizontally.
Mitsubishi Electric
Circle 3

Variable-speed pumps

The Intelligent Variable Speed pump series includes two new models: 4300 split-coupled vertical in-line and 4302 split-coupled dual alarm. The new models range in size from 1.5 to 75 hp. Both units can be controlled via a building-automation system or the Armstrong Integrated Pumping System. The pumps also are available with a sensorless option.
Armstrong Ltd.
Circle 4

Energy-recovery systems

By utilizing outdoor air, Ventilation Pool enhanced energy-recovery systems provide natatorium dehumidification of up to approximately 60°F dew point. With these systems, mechanical dehumidification is not needed.
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Able to run on natural gas or propane, Clearfire H and V boilers' fully modulating burner assembly with variable-speed fan is designed to lower fuel consumption while maintaining steam pressure. With sizes ranging from 10 to 60 hp, the boilers can sustain quiet operation at less than 70 dBA.
Circle 6

Centrifugal fans

From 18 to 60 in. in diameter, AXTC fiberglass tubular in-line centrifugal fans offer several configuration options for duct or roof mounting. For use in industrial and wastewater-treatment-plant processes, fume exhaust, and odor-control systems, the fans are accessible for maintenance via a split-case housing.
M.K. Plastics Corp.
Circle 7

Water-heater shutoff valves

For use in condenser-water, chilled-water, water-transfer, pressure-boosting, and water-supply applications, VT Series short-set vertical turbine pumps are available in 30 models and 11 5-ft column assemblies. In suction sizes of 4 to 12 in., the pumps have flow rates of 75 to 6,000 gpm. A high-profile discharge head allows a two-piece head shaft.
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