Nov. 1, 2007
As seen at EGB 2007 On Sept. 17 and 18, HPAC Engineering held its fourth annual Engineering Green Buildings Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, during which

As seen at EGB 2007

On Sept. 17 and 18, HPAC Engineering held its fourth annual Engineering Green Buildings Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, during which some of the industry's most innovative companies showed off their wares. Following is a sampling of those products and literature pieces.


Benchmark boilers support dual-fuel applications (natural gas and propane). These condensing boilers have a turndown of 20:1 (the Benchmark 2.0 has a non-cycling operating range of 100,000 to 2 million Btuh) and 15:1 (the Benchmark 3.0 has a non-cycling operating range of 200,000 to 3 million Btuh) to maximize seasonal efficiency.
Circle 100

Pump-products catalog

A new catalog from Taco outlines the company's international product lines, including commercial pumps, commercial cartridge circulators, flow-measurement products, pump accessories, tanks, heat-transfer products, electronic controls, and specialty products.
— Taco Inc.
Circle 101

Plant packages

The Integrated Plant Package chilled-water line (IPP-CHW) includes VIL Series 4300 pumps and IPC 11550 control systems with Hartman LOOP technology. This combination generates operating efficiencies greater than 0.5 kw per ton.
— Armstrong Pumps
Circle 102

Rooftop units

With a seasonal-energy-efficiency ratio of 15, the Precedent is a light-commercial rooftop unit that has hot-gas reheat to control humidity levels and reduce the potential for mold problems. The unit's single-side service allows access to all serviceable components.
— Trane
Circle 103

Temperature-input devices

Web-enabled temperature-input devices, the Web-Temp and Web-TC allow users to take measurements and monitor them via the Internet. The units are Ethernet compatible with built-in Web servers that write temperature data to their own Web pages for Internet access from almost anywhere.
— Measurement Computing Corp.
Circle 104

Flush-valve handles

Saniguard antimicrobial treatment has been added to the Flushometer, a public-toilet flush-valve handle. The treatment retards the growth of bacteria, molds, and some viruses. Flush valves with the treatment feature a blue collar for identification.
— Sloan Valve Co.
Circle 105

Tube-cleaning-tools brochure

A six-page, full-color brochure from Conco describes the company's line of tube-cleaning tools for chillers, heat exchangers, condensers, and boilers used in commercial, institutional, educational, health-care, and small industrial facilities.
— Conco Systems Inc.
Circle 106

Duct-liner-insulation adhesive

A Greenguard-certified product, Ultratack is a solvent-free duct-liner-insulation adhesive. Fast drying, sprayable, and water-based, the adhesive is formulated to bond low-density insulation to metal surfaces, galvanized substrates, etc. The adhesive can help a building earn credits toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification.
Circle 107

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