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Dec. 1, 2008
Data-center magazine APC's Currents magazine includes an article, Pinpoint Gaps in Your Data Center Energy Efficiency, that describes the company's Efficiency

Data-center magazine

APC's Currents magazine includes an article, “Pinpoint Gaps in Your Data Center Energy Efficiency,” that describes the company's Efficiency Quotient online self-assessment tool. The tool gathers facts about a data center, such as its power and cooling, to calculate an efficiency rating.
Circle 50

Energy Star white paper

A white paper from the U.S. Environmental Protecton Agency explains the financial benefits, such as direct energy savings and increased asset-value trends, of Energy Star-labeled office buildings. The white paper includes charts, graphs, and tables.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
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Proactive-maintenance poster

Fluke's “Proactive Maintenance Applications” poster describes how the company's products, such as thermal imagers and humidity meters, can help guard against unplanned downtime in several areas of a facility, including outside electrical distribution and internal motors/pumps.
Circle 52

Plumbing-code product catalog

A catalog from the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials details the association's plumbing/mechanical codes. Product photograhs, descriptions, and prices are included. The catalog also focuses on the association's clothing line.
International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials
Circle 53

Heat-pump brochure

A brochure from McQuay describes the company's line of Enfinity horizontal and vertical water-source heat pumps. Benefits, such as low-cost design/installation and application flexibility, are included as well as product photographs, diagrams, and specifications tables.
McQuay Air Conditioning
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Piping pamphlet

Metraflex's “Specialty Piping Products” pamphlet presents the basic range and application of the company's products, including flexible couplings, rubber and metal connectors, hydro-formed expansion joints, and check valves. Product photographs are included.
Circle 55

Liquid-chiller brochure

A brochure from Motivair details the company's MSC water-cooled scroll chillers, which are designed for use in commercial and industrial applications. Features, benefits, and available options are listed; product photographs, diagrams, and a specifications chart are included.
Circle 56

Fire-suppression-system pamphlet

A pamphlet from Victaulic focuses on the company's Vortex fire-suppression system, which activates immediately upon sensing smoke or heat. Product photographs, diagrams, graphs, and environmental-impact and water-characteristic-comparison charts are included.
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