Sept. 1, 2011
Seismic-bracing products This new line of fire-sprinkler seismic-bracing products includes structural attachments, pipe attachments, pipe restraints,

Seismic-bracing products

This new line of fire-sprinkler seismic-bracing products includes structural attachments, pipe attachments, pipe restraints, and accessories. All products are UL-listed, FM-approved, or both. Fire-sprinkler seismic-bracing products control and restrain the movement of a sprinkler system as a result of structural motion. These products accommodate both lateral and longitudinal support for fire-protection systems. The company offers a free Web-based product-selection tool to help fire-protection system designers calculate whether or not their system meets seismic-load requirements and to create product submittals.
— Anvil International
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Water-treatment chemicals

These products are compatible with all materials found in a heating system, including aluminum. They protect against sludge, scale, and corrosion, maximizing a heating system's ability to transfer heat. They prevent water chemistry-related problems from occurring, resulting in low maintenance/repair costs and high energy savings. The three chemicals include an inhibitor (battles scale and corrosion), a boiler-noise reducer (formulated for treating kettling in central heating boilers caused by lime scale), and an inhibited antifreeze (formulated to help control corrosion, scale, boiler noise and hydrogen gassing).
— AERCO International
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Differential pressure transmitter

This differential-pressure transmitter combines low ranges with exceptional stability, reliability, and an accuracy of ±0.14 percent FS. All models come with NIST certificates and are available in unidirectional and bi-directional ranges as low as 0 to 0.5 in. w.c. and 0 to 5 PSID. These transmitters are ideal for a variety of applications, such as HVAC control, leak detection, medical instrumentation, cleanrooms, energy management, and environmental testing. With minimal thermal effects and the ability to withstand high overpressures, the Series HADP transmitters are extremely stable, allowing for their use in the most demanding applications.
— Dwyer Instruments
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Indoor-air handlers

These air handlers are a side-by-side arrangement with an energy-recovery wheel (ERW) option and a dual-belt-drive-plenum-fans option. The side-by-side arrangement with ERW option provides an alternative solution for height-restricted energy-recovery applications, saving up to 70 in. of height. It offers configuration flexibility to suit building needs, making it ideal for new construction applications with small or restricted access areas. It is especially applicable in health care facilities, laboratories, and schools because it provides a cost-effective and efficient method of recovering exhaust energy and moisture, helping to lower energy costs, improve indoor air quality, and increase occupant comfort levels. The dual-belt-drive-plenum-fans option provides at least 60-percent redundancy and can be selected to provide 100-percent redundancy.
— McQuay International
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Clamp-on power meter

The CW10 clamp-on power meter combines the basic functionality of a standard clamp-on tester, digital multimeter, and power monitor to diagnose maintenance and electrical issues. It allows maintenance personnel to measure 600 A AC/DC, 1,000 V AC/DC, 600 kw AC/DC, power factor, total harmonic distortion, harmonics from first to 25th, resistance, and frequency. Other measurement and diagnostic capabilities include phase rotation, voltage detection, continuity check, diode test, inrush current, and low-pass filter. The CW10 meets CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V safety standards and is CE rated.
— Yokogawa
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Self-contained and air-handling units

SA series vertical self-contained and indoor-air-handling units are available in capacities from 23 to 70 tons (5,300 to 27,000 cfm). Configurations include air-cooled or water-cooled condenser, air-source, water-source or geothermal heat pump, and DX or hydronic air-handling unit. The series features variable-frequency-controlled, spring-isolated, direct-drive backward-curved plenum fans, and 10 to 100 percent variable-capacity scroll-compressor cooling/heat-pump heating.
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Fan-powered flue-gas economizer

Atmospheric heating appliances and other non-powered appliances now can use a boiler economizer. The compact IPVB-ECO Economizer can be used with any atmospheric or forced-draft design boiler or water heater, condensing and non-condensing. A single IPVB-ECO can handle multiple boilers, making it very energy-efficient. There is no requirement to install individual economizers on each boiler, and down-sizing the chimney flue is also possible. The variable-speed boiler exhaust fan modulates and maintains a constant and perfect draft for boilers at all times. It is monitored/controlled by a draft and carbon-monoxide safety controller. It is possible to match variable flow through the waterside of the heat exchanger with the variable flow through the airside. Typical uses are: boiler feedwater, makeup water, hot-water return, hot-water storage tank, condensation tank, process water, potable water.
— Enervex
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Control system enhanced with open protocol

iWorx, a Web-based building management, monitoring, and control system designed for high-end residential and light-commercial markets, has been enhanced with an interface to the NiagaraAX framework that provides simple integration with other building-automation systems. With the push of a button, every iWorx controller is self-discovered on the system network and seamlessly integrates with any existing LonWorks, Modbus, or BACnet building-automation protocol. This allows for the easy upgrade of equipment control, the addition of new equipment, building HVAC expansion, or integration into an existing graphical frontend. iWorx provides a full suite of control-product applications, including boiler controls, heating and air-conditioning applications, and British-thermal-unit metering.
— Taco
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Portable air scrubber

The DefendAir®HEPA 500 air scrubber offers advanced, multistage filtration options in a compact, versatile unit. It is designed to handle indoor air quality (IAQ) needs on restoration jobs involving sewage, mold, or fire damage; to control dust in work areas or on construction sites; or to capture allergens during and after cleaning jobs. The portable air scrubber uses a HEPA filter rated at 99.97 percent efficiency on 0.3-micron particles and larger, plus a pleated paper pre-filter. The addition of an optional Stage 2 DOP (dioctylpthalate) filter makes the DefendAir HEPA 500 a high-efficiency, three-stage, air filtration unit. This air scrubber provides variable-speed control from 250 to 500 cfm. It is lightweight, stackable, and easy to transport. Up to three units can be linked to a single power outlet, totaling up to 1,500 cfm per 15-amp circuit. The portable air scrubber can address IAQ problems quickly and help restore environments to pre-loss condition. The HEPA 500 contains Microban antimicrobial product protection, which inhibits the growth of odor and stain-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew in the unit.
— Atlas Sales & Rentals, Inc.
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Ceiling-mounted air conditioners

The CM series of ceiling-mounted air conditioners, for use in computer server rooms, provides continuous cooling without taking up valuable space. They are easy to install with built-in flanges and mounting brackets. Spot cooling is an energy-efficient alternative to central air conditioning and an alternative to retrofitting when system requirements have outgrown initial specifications. The CM 12 delivers 10,500 Btuh at 80°F and 50 percent RH (Evaporator) and 95°F at 40 percent RH (Condenser) or 13,000 Btuh at 95°F and 60 percent RH.
— MovinCool
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Fume-hood and room-pressure monitors

Designed for laboratories, hospitals, educational institutions, and correctional facilities, the HMS1650-LITE fume-hood monitor and the FMS1650-LITE room-pressure monitor provide core monitoring capabilities without the additional expenses associated with the inputs and outputs found on the company's fully networkable monitors and controllers. Because these units are not intended to be integrated into a network, they are not only budget friendly, they are easy to install and set up. Both units feature full-color and programmable touchscreens and provide “at-a-glance” information quickly and easily. Intuitive colored backgrounds immediately communicate the overall state and whether the space being monitored is safe for use. Safety is further ensured via the extremely sensitive and accurate sensors used by each system. The HMS1650-LITE fume-hood monitor is accurate to within ±2 fpm while the FMS1650-LITE measures to 0.0001 in. wc and is accurate to within ±0.5 percent of full span. If either unit falls outside of allowable limits, both a visual and audible alarm immediately alerts users.
— Triatek
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