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Product Spotlight

Feb. 1, 2012
Chillers & VRF Systems

Screw compressors
CSW screw compressors are optimized for low-condensing-temperature applications, making them ideal when replacing screw or reciprocating compressors in water-cooled chillers or air-cooled systems operating under moderate climate conditions. They are designed to operate efficiently under part load and provide energy-efficiency ratios equivalent to oil-less, centrifugal compressors at a competitive price. CSW screw compressors are approved for use with R-134a, R-22, or R-407C refrigerants.
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Modular outdoor units
Updated VRF R2-Series modular outdoor units offer increased heating capacities and energy efficiency, as well as advanced variable-refrigerant-flow technology. The units allow for simultaneous cooling and heating. The R2-Series can be used with the manufacturer’s VRF Y-Series heat pump, and the systems can be tied together using the G-50A/GB50A controllers and monitored through the CITY MULTI controls network.
—Mitsubishi Electric
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Variable-refrigerant-flow units
The DVM Plus III system is designed to enhance comfort while reducing energy consumption in commercial applications. The system uses variable-refrigerant-flow technology to allow more than 60 indoor units to be connected to a maximum of three outdoor units ganged together. Multiple capacities and styles of indoor units are available to suit room size, load, and usage. The outdoor units are powered by Copeland digital scroll compressors. A wide range of control options is available.
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Chillers and outdoor mechanical rooms
LL series chillers and outdoor mechanical rooms feature variable-capacity oil-free magnetic-bearing centrifugal compressors. The chillers and outdoor mechanical rooms have energy efficiency ratios (EERs) of up to 19.4 and integrated part-load values (IPLVs) as low as 0.41 kw per ton for the compressors only and EERs up to 17.5 and IPLVs and as low as 0.49 kw per ton for the complete chiller system, including compressors, condenser pumps, and condenser fans.
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Increased capacity chiller
The capacity of the YVAA air-cooled variable-speed screw chiller has been increased to 350 tons. The chiller features a high energy-efficiency ratio at both full-design-load and off-design conditions.
— Johnson Controls
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