July 1, 2008
Climate-control system An integrated hardware and software package, the Climate Control Network System connects all of a structure's HVAC components to

Climate-control system

An integrated hardware and software package, the Climate Control Network System connects all of a structure's HVAC components to a single system for better energy efficiency, control, and monitoring. With the system's graphical software package, users can control comfort from a wall thermostat or access the entire system via an optional high-definition touch-panel interface or computer. To view the status of and make changes to an HVAC system remotely, users can log on to the Internet to access the control system. Modular and expandable, the system allows users to select components and offers the flexibility to add components later. Wall sensors can read air, slab, humidity, and outdoor temperatures. Thermostats not only read air, slab, humidity, and outdoor temperatures, but control two stages of heating and two stages of cooling and supplemental heating, as well as display modes, room set-point temperatures, and humidity set points while controlling fans and heat-recovery ventilators.

Dehumidification systems

The dehumidification cycle of the Humiditrol dehumidification system for rooftop units is based on humidity levels, rather than temperature, for better control. Its integrated modular controller initiates dehumidification when room temperature is satisfactory but humidity is above the desired set point.

Online tools

Available for free at, APC TradeOff Tools are Web-based applications with interfaces designed to simplify the data-center design/build process. Seven tools are available for use and review.

Inline pumps

KS 1415 vertical split-coupled inline pumps have flow capacities of up to 12,000 gpm and heads of up to 220 ft. The pumps' split-coupled design enables seal changeouts without disturbing the motor or system piping.
Taco Inc.

Venting systems

NovaVent venting systems offer a lightweight and leak-proof alternative to traditional welded stainless-steel pipe in industrial new-building construction projects. The systems' components are supplied with factory-installed self-sealing gaskets, eliminating the need for field-welded joints.
The Novaflex Group

Tankless-water-heater valves

For use with wall-hung tankless water heaters, Series TWH tankless-water-heater valves replace four unions, three tees, seven nipples, two ball valves, two boiler drains, and two hose-bib covers used in typical installations. The units' integral purge and drain valve makes water-heater flushing simple.
Watts Regulator Co.

Pressure sensors

Adaptable to panel and duct applications, PXU pressure sensors feature seven field-selectable ranges, up to 10 in. wc. Jumpers configure operational modes, fast or slow response, and inch-water-column or Pascal scales, making the unit a useful dry-media pressure sensor for a range of applications.
Veris Industries

Tankless water heaters

SN Series tankless safety-shower water heaters can be paired with almost any commercial safety-shower apparatus. Able to be vertically wall-mounted, the units can be hung near existing shower or eyewash facilities and do not require a large floor space.
Keltech Inc.

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