April 1, 2005
Control system for small buildings Including a building controller, a network of thermostats, and remote sensors and with built-in functions for HVAC

Control system for small buildings

Including a building controller, a network of thermostats, and remote sensors and with built-in functions for HVAC control, lighting control, and power monitoring, Andover onSiTE is a prepackaged, Web-based control system for small buildings. As many as 32 SiteStat thermostats, which are compatible with most HVAC equipment, can be networked to a single controller for gas, electric, or heat-pump applications. Operators can schedule temperature setbacks by day, night, day of the week, or date and define holiday and weekday temperature schedules for an entire year. To reduce thermostat tampering, the system can limit the adjustment of temperature to a specified range. Temperature setbacks start automatically, as soon as a building alarm is armed. Parking-lot lights can be turned on at sunset and off at sunrise all year long. The onSiTE controller allows operators to monitor and control building functions remotely using a standard Web browser.
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Atmospheric particle counter

Featuring six-channel particle-size display (0.3 to 10.0 µm), the Fluke 983 Particle Counter counts and logs up to 5,000 sample records, with selectable sample time, count data, and programmable delay. Logged samples include date and time, particle counts, sample volume, temperature, and relative humidity.
Fluke Corp.
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Device programmer and loop-tester unit

The Device Programmer and Loop Tester Unit (DPU) allows fire-panel-device connections to be tested and verified as the devices are being installed. The communication of an entire loop of up to 252 devices can be tested.
Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
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Digital gauge

The DPG-000 digital gauge contains a 0.5-percent full-scale accuracy sensor. Its four-digit LCD reduces inaccurate readings by eliminating parallax error, while its four-button keypad makes functions easily accessible. Other features include backlight, retrievable peak and valley values, and engineering-pressure-unit conversion.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.Circle 103

Insulated control damper

The Model ICD low-leakage insulated control damper significantly reduces the transfer of heat or cold and virtually eliminates condensation, making it well-suited for outdoor-air-intake systems.
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Condensing water heater

Platinum gas-fired condensing water heaters operate at 95-percent thermal efficiency, with inputs of 299 and 399 MBH. The storage tank is lined with either electroless nickel plating or an electronically tested polymer. Features include a removable, non-ferrous, submerged combustion heat exchanger and non-ferrous tank fittings.
PVI Industries LLC
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Airflow-measuring louvers

Incorporating an air-measuring station, EAML6625 and EAML3625 louvers perform the same function as separate louvers and air monitors, but require far less installation depth — a few inches vs. several feet. Airflow is measured with an airfoil-shaped extrusion. Airflow information then is provided to fresh-air-intake-damper-actuator controllers.
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Modular radiometer system

Including a separate display, sensor, and logic controller, Steril-Aire's modular radiometer system provides a versatile means of measuring the output of ultraviolet-C (UVC) devices. UVC output is measured in both microwatts per square centimeter and in a user-defined, pre-set percentage.
Steril-Aire Inc.
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