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Aug. 1, 2008
Fully modulating boiler The Benchmark 1.5 is a low-nitrogen-oxide (NOx), condensing, fully modulating boiler useful for projects requiring 1.5 million

Fully modulating boiler

The Benchmark 1.5 is a low-nitrogen-oxide (NOx), condensing, fully modulating boiler useful for projects requiring 1.5 million Btuh. It delivers 20-to-1 turndown ratio and is designed with a low-NOx burner for applications requiring minimal emissions.

Condensing boiler

The 94-percent-efficient ModCon commercial condensing boiler features an Inconel load-matching gas burner with a 5-to-1 turndown ratio to meet variable needs for space heating and domestic hot water in a single application. For example, the 500,000-Btuh model can operate as low as 100,000 Btuh, saving energy on warmer spring and fall days when the heating load is light.
Heat Transfer

Copperfin boiler

A near-condensing copperfin boiler, the Futera XLF offers 4 million Btuh and up to 88.5-percent efficiency. Approximately 29-in. wide and 69-in. high, the gas-fired boiler utilizes HeatNet technology, an onboard digital monitoring and control device.
RBI Water Heaters

Limit control

The Series TSF thermocouple limit control provides audible alarm status along with a 15-amp relay alarm output. The unit can be used as a high- or low-limit alarm. Users can select automatic or manual reset, along with 10 other parameters.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.

Heat-recovery system

The BDHR blowdown heat-recovery system maximizes boiler efficiency by capturing energy from continuous blowdown flow and generating low-pressure flash steam. Its configuration allows several boilers to be connected to a single heat-recovery unit.
Spirax Sarco

Boiler system

The Eco*Pak MBS is an all-variable boiler system that uses up to 45 percent less energy than traditional boilers. Energy Star-compliant, it delivers average annual fuel-efficiency ratings of better than 93 percent.

Wireless remote alarm and monitor

The BobAlert wireless remote alarm and monitor features up to four analog and five digital inputs. It can be retrofitted with existing control systems or connected directly to sensors. Users can be notified via e-mail, text message, or fax.
Innovative Waters LLC

Air-Filter-Performance Brochure

A brochure from Camfil Farr describes green air-filter performance in terms of energy savings, air quality, waste reduction, and environmental impact. Also discussed are methods of comparing filters, including life-cycle-cost analysis, in-situ testing, and the CamTester, a mobile unit that measures energy used by any manufacturer's air filter.
Camfil Farr

Fan-Coil Units

Four-way ceiling-mounted cassette fan-coil units from Daikin AC are designed to fit flush into a standard 2-ft-by-2-ft architectural ceiling grid. These compact fan coils can be combined with Daikin's VRV outdoor condensing units, the VRV-S, VRV III, and VRV-WII. Cooling capacities are rated up to 18,000 Btuh, and heating capacities are rated up to 20,000 Btuh.
Daikin AC

Plenum Fans

Model QEM plenum fans are useful for lower-pressure supply or return air-handling applications in which first cost is critical. The fan features a 12-bladed airfoil wheel that reduces energy consumption and sound levels.

Hanger System

A hanger system for larger fabric-ductwork diameters in open-architecture ceilings, the Suspension System simulates an aesthetic inflated appearance even when heating/cooling air handlers are idle.

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