Product Spotlight

July 1, 2012
Fire and Smoke Control

Watertight duct smoke detectors
NEMA 4-rated InnovairFlex duct smoke detectors feature a watertight, UV-resistant housing that allows them to operate in challenging conditions without bulky enclosures. They can operate with airflow speeds from 100 to 4,000 fpm, temperatures from -4°F to 158°F, and humidity ranges from 0 to 95 percent (non-condensing).
—System Sensor

Seismic joint for sprinkler systems
The Fireloop seismic expansion joint for fire-sprinkler systems is a flexible joint that accommodates movement up to 24-in. in all directions to provide seismic protection. It meets NFPA 13 guidelines and is UL-listed. The compact joint requires only one hanger and two connections, simplifying sprinkler- system design and eliminating the need for multiple convoluted joints or grooved couplings fabricated on site.

Airflow-balancing actuator
The FSAF24-BAL is a three-position, 24-v actuator that allows combination fire/smoke and smoke dampers to function as balancing dampers. The actuator balances the airflow in the ducts when paired with a combination fire/smoke or smoke damper, eliminating the need for a separate balancing damper and reducing installation costs. It requires 41-percent less energy to operate than a standard modulating actuator. The FSAF24-BAL actuator is offered on Greenheck FSD series combination fire/smoke dampers and SMD series smoke dampers.

Seismic fire sprinkler products
A new line of fire sprinkler seismic bracing products is designed to deliver the versatility to meet any project specification. The product line includes structural attachments, pipe attachments, pipe restraints, and accessories for lateral, longitudinal and/or four-way bracing.

Pressure-reducing valve
The ZW209FP pressure-reducing valve is designed specifically for fire-suppression systems to reduce high inlet pressures to a safe and stable outlet pressure. The valve is available in both flanged and grooved- end connections and rated up to 300-psi working pressure.

Concealment systems
The Soffi-Steel and Interlock concealment systems conceal fire-sprinkler systems, piping, plumbing, ductwork, and cable. The concealment systems are Factory Mutual-approved for the protection of BlazeMaster fire-sprinkler pipe and exceed the UL Listing protection requirements of lay-in panels or tile.
—JG Innovations

Fire-alarm control panels
The XLS3000 and XLS140-2 certified fire-alarm control panels anchor a comprehensive gas- and fire-monitoring system for the oil and gas industries. The Factory Mutual and National Fire Protection Association-certified panels centralize and integrate process controls and safety field devices seamlessly into a plantwide program, offering enhanced safety, efficiency, productivity, and operational-cost savings. The approach combines hazardous-area fire, smoke, flame, and gas with safe-area safety and process control systems.