May 1, 2008
Thermal-imaging camera A compact thermal-imaging camera, the Extech i5 monitors and detects the thermal condition of electrical-system components to address

Thermal-imaging camera

A compact thermal-imaging camera, the Extech i5 monitors and detects the thermal condition of electrical-system components to address problem areas before failures occur. It can inspect areas that cannot be reached with thermocouples or other contact-based instruments. High-resolution thermal images instantly can pinpoint problems in need of repair. The camera delivers an accuracy of 2 percent and a thermal sensitivity of 0.18°F, which complies with International Electrical Testing Association requirements. The camera allows users to check for overheating electrical panels and transformers, spot electrical faults, and identify problems in cooling and heating systems, motors, fans, and bearings. Featuring a focus-free lens, the 12-oz camera has a 2.8-in. high-resolution color liquid-crystal display and can operate continuously for 5 hr on a single charge. The camera comes with a 512-mb miniSD Card with adaptor, a rechargeable battery with 100- to 240-v alternating-current adaptor/charger, QuickReport PC software with USB cable, and a built-in lens shutter and hand strap.

Extech Instruments

Integrated motor/generator

CleanSource DC is an integrated-flywheel motor/generator that stores kinetic energy in its constantly spinning, low-friction steel disc. Stored energy is converted to electricity that bridges power for critical loads during utility disturbances and can act as a supplement or replacement for chemical energy storage for uninterruptable-power-supply systems.

Active Power

Low-water cutoff

For use in low-pressure steam boilers, the Foam Compensating Low Water Cutoff detects the presence of conductive fluid in a vessel. It protects against false water-level readings caused by a probe's immersion in foam.

Taco Inc.

Voltage monitors

Fully programmable, the ICM450 three-phase voltage monitor's features prevent premature motor failure and damage caused by common voltage faults. The monitor protects against voltage imbalance, high and low voltages, phase loss and reversal, faulty power, incorrect sequencing, and rapid short cycling.

ICM Controls Corp.

Spot-cooling system

A 460-v, three-phase system, Office Pro 63 provides 60,000 Btuh of cooling. The portable spot cooler has a programmable digital controller for automatic operation during evenings and weekends and a condensate pump kit.



The newest addition to the Pro-Fire burner series, the Pro-Fire V offers up to a 10-1 turndown ratio on natural gas and the option of sub-30-ppm operation throughout the firing range. It is most useful with water-tube boilers in commercial and industrial applications.


Data loggers

Series MTL temperature, humidity, and dew-point data loggers measure and record readings in a range of applications, such as refrigeration systems. Sampling intervals and high/low alarm settings are user-selectable through Windows-based software. The data loggers can be field-configured for delayed-start or push-button recording control.

Dwyer Instruments Inc.

Scroll chillers

With an integrated part-load value as high as 16.0 EER, York Tempo air-cooled scroll chillers use HFC-410A, a refrigerant with zero ozone-depletion potential and no phase-out schedule. They also employ a refrigerant-circuit design that requires 30- to 50-percent less refrigerant than comparable models.

Johnson Controls

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