March 1, 2010
Energy-efficiency white paper Public Policies Driving Energy Efficiency Worldwide, a 12-page white paper from Johnson Controls, outlines changes in U.S.

Energy-efficiency white paper

“Public Policies Driving Energy Efficiency Worldwide,” a 12-page white paper from Johnson Controls, outlines changes in U.S. and European pubic policy, regulations, and programs that will alter the building-efficiency landscape. Lists of building-energy policies and information resources are included.
Johnson Controls Inc.
Circle 50

Data-logger white paper

“Data Logger Essentials for Building Commissioning” focuses on the use of stand-alone data loggers in conjunction with the logging capabilities of a building-automation system for commissioning. The white paper provides tips on techniques that can help data loggers analyze building performance more effectively.
Onset Computer Corp.
Circle 51

Ventilation application note

An application note from Vaisala discusses indoor-air quality, carbon dioxide (CO2), and the importance of CO2 sensing in the optimization of demand-controlled-ventilation systems. The note features a list of guidelines for placing CO2 transmitters, including places to avoid. The company's Carbocap CO2 sensor is highlighted.
Circle 52

Campus-sustainability paper

A white paper from Yudelson Associates focuses on benchmarking college- and university-campus sustainability. The paper summarizes the consulting group's strategy for developing benchmarks serving campuses of various sizes, ambitions, stages of development, and budgetary constraints.
Yudelson Associates
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