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Fastrack, Dec. 16, 2009

Dec. 23, 2009
FASTRACK News ASHRAE Launches Building Energy Labeling Program A new program to inform building owners and operators, tenants, and prospective buyers on the energy use of buildings, similar to a nutrition label on food or miles-per-gallon ratings ...
ASHRAE Launches Building Energy Labeling Program
A new program to inform building owners and operators, tenants, and prospective buyers on the energy use of buildings, similar to a nutrition label on food or miles-per-gallon ratings on cars, has been launched to encourage the building industry to find ways to cut energy use and costs. [MORE]
AMCA International Announces Approval of Standards
Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International Inc. announced that the Board of Standards Review of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has approved ANSI/AMCA Standard 550-09, Test Method for High Velocity Wind Driven Rain Resistant Louvers, and ANSI/AMCA Standard 510-09, Methods of Testing Heavy Duty Dampers for Rating. [MORE]
Survey Finds Building Professionals Concerned About Water Conservation
A new survey conducted by AlturaSolutions Communications for Waterless Co., a manufacturer of no-water urinal systems, asked facility managers and other building professionals about water conservation, water costs, and other related issues in their facilities for 2010. [MORE]
October Heating and Cooling Equipment Shipment Data Released
U.S. factory shipments of gas-fired, warm-air furnaces in October totaled 236,599, an 8.6-percent increase compared with the same month a year ago. Oil-fired, warm-air furnaces for the same month totaled 7,163, an 8.2-percent increase compared with October 2008 totals. Year to date, gas-furnace shipments totaled 1,708,969, a 10.1-percent drop compared with the same period last year. Oil-furnace shipments for the year to date totaled 40,867, an 8.5-percent drop compared with the same period last year. [MORE]
Techlit Online – Products, Design Tools, and White Papers
Put the Cooling Here, It Saves Energy and Handles Hot Spots By closely matching cooling with dynamically changing heat loads, APC InRow units deliver the right amount of cooling in the right place at the right time—reducing waste and eliminating hot spots. You improve efficiency and avoid overcooling. Download APC’s FREE white paper: “Energy Efficient Cooling for Data Centers”—APC/Schneider Electric
Closed-Cell Duct Insulation Protects Against Fibers, Mold and Noise Fiber-free, mold-resistant AP Armaflex® Duct Liner is a clean, safe, sustainable insulation that helps protect IAQ. The closed cell foam provides superior moisture control, sound attenuation, vibration dampening and R-4.2 at 1”. Only AP duct liners are made with Microban® antimicrobial product protection, with exclusive EPA Registration for use in ductwork. They are safe for institutional air ducts, meeting 25/50 fire and smoke performance standards of the National Fire Protection Agency. The patented liner with pressure sensitive adhesive system makes installation more cost effective. Contact 800 866-5638 or access—Armacell
Exhausto White Paper EXHAUSTO, one of the leading suppliers of economical and environmentally-sustainable ventilation systems, has recently publicized a white paper that makes the case for using demand controlled ventilation in multi-story, multi-residential buildings. This white paper provides a technical overview of the demand-controlled ventilation system and a discussion of benefits, including proposed energy savings. Please contact EXHAUSTO for more information or to request a copy of Demand-Controlled Ventilation in Multi-Story, Multi-Residential Buildings.—Exhausto
Big News from Fantech, Inc. Fantech, Inc. has just released a new Commercial Ventilation catalog featuring Power Roof Ventilators, Wall Fans and Air Circulators. Over 140 pages of products designed to solve air movement problems in commercial, industrial, institutional or agricultural applications. When the problem is ventilation, the answer is Fantech. For more information, visit Need a copy of the catalog? Email [email protected].—Fantech
BIM 3D CAD for Fire Sprinkler Systems New BIM 3D CAD drawings for fire sprinkler system seismic joints are now available at Engineers/designers can import 3D CAD drawings in a variety of file formats so files import seamlessly into your piping system designs. Go to to download your 3D CAD drawings.—Metraflex
Straighten Flow, Stop Valve Chatter, with VaneFlex When there isn’t room for long pipe runs, VaneFlex quickly straightens flow exiting the pump. In a fraction of the space, VaneFlex reduces turbulence and improves flow of the engineered piping system. Design for even tighter spaces without sacrificing system efficiency. Free VaneFlex white paper at:—Metraflex
New from Onicon The F-3500 Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter is engineered to excel in demanding waterflow measurement applications. With no moving parts, the F-3500 is reliable even in challenging open loop applications. The hand insertable hot tap design provides quick, easy installation, and every meter is individually wet calibrated, programmed for your application, and accurate to within 1% of rate. Ph.—ONICON
System-10 BTU Meters ONICON’s System-10 BTU Meters communicate directly over: BACnet® IP BACnet® MS/TP LONWORKS® MODBUS® RTU MODBUS® TCP JCI – Metasys® Siemens – Apogee® resulting in improved accuracy and reliability. Ph.—ONICON
2-Stage Gas Infra-Red Heaters Solaronics’ energy-efficient “True Dual” 2-stage heaters bring unprecedented fuel-cost savings of up to 75% for commercial and industrial buildings. Both air and gas flows of the patented system provide precise air-to-gas ratios at both high- and low-heat stages. Applications include manufacturing plants, warehouses, aircraft hangars, fire stations, loading docks, auto dealerships and body shops, and ice/roller rinks. Call 800-223-5335, or visit—Solaronics Inc.
I3 Smoke Detectors with Sounders System Sensor’s i3 Series photoelectric smoke detectors with sounders include two- and four-wire models, which generate an 85 dBA temporal tone. They are ideal for residential applications, especially those that require synchronization throughout the system. All detectors feature a plug-in design that enables efficient wire management and pre-wiring capabilities; intelligent drift compensation and smoothing algorithms that reduce unnecessary maintenance calls; and a visual status indication that differentiates between normal and abnormal—System Sensor
Tjernlund Draft, Combustion Air & Ventilation CD Revised Tjernlund’s updated resource CD has 1000’s of pages of data such as, literature, spec sheets, fan curves, install/service manuals, wiring diagrams, parts reference, photos & more. Now includes Side Wall Power Venter selection software. Draft, Ventilation, Combustion Air Power Points and combustion air videos also included. Covers our full line of Draft Inducers, Side Wall Vent Systems, Combustion Air In-Forcers™, Duct Booster® and Ventilation—Tjernlund
Demand Based Exhaust/Supply Systems Save Energy Multi-story buildings with central shafts used for bathroom, kitchen or dryer exhaust can enjoy lower building operating costs as well as earn credits toward LEED Certification by installing an intelligent, demand based exhaust system. Unlike wasteful fixed speed rooftop fans, demand-based systems run at variable speeds saving considerable energy and significantly reducing excess exhaust of conditioned air. Boilers/water heaters can also be common vented while maintaining draft for each heater at its prescribed level for peak efficiencies. Combustion and make-up air can also be supplied based on a pressure set point, not full design load which rarely is required.—Tjernlund
CO2 Sensor with Embedded BACnet and Modbus Communication Protocols Veris Industries CWLP offers CO2, Humidity, and Temperature in a single BACnet or Modbus device! The Native BACnet device allows access to the three sensor measurements, setpoint slider, pushbutton override, and adjustable setpoint relay all over a daisy-chained twisted pair. This saves you money and time on your next installation.—Veris Industries
December 16, 2009
Greening Your Cooling Tower
By PHILIP VELLA, PHD, VRTX Technologies, Schertz, Texas
In commercial and institutional buildings, cooling systems are not exactly top of mind when it comes to conservation and the use of “green” technologies. Yet the potential for significant cost and water savings and reduced environmental impact exists. With more-stringent effluent and chemical-handling regulations, increasing drought conditions, and fluctuating chemical prices, facility owners increasingly are looking to cooling towers—more specifically, the treatment of cooling water—to meet the objectives of sustainable cooling: more efficient equipment performance, saving makeup and discharged water, and reducing or eliminating the use of chemicals. [MORE]
Orival Filters
Orival filtration products are used on cooling systems worldwide. Orival offers individual automatic filters, manifolded multi-filters and skid mounted water treatment systems to remove organic and inorganic suspended solids from cooling water decreasing deposition on heat transfer surfaces, reducing sites for micro-organisms to colonize and preventing the clogging of nozzles, orifices and valve actuators. Call 800-567-9767 or send us an email at [email protected] or click here for more info.
--Orival, Inc., Englewood, NJ 07631.
Download FREE White Paper on Monitoring Geothermal Heat Pump Performance A new white paper from Onset discusses how portable data logging technology can be used to measure, record, and document the performance of geothermal heat pumps, and provides specific case study examples of how the technology is being applied in geothermal system monitoring applications. Download the free white paper today.
MovinCool CM25 Ceiling-Mounted Air Conditioner The compact, self-contained CM25 provides 25,000 Btu/h of cooling, designed for protecting server rooms and other heat sensitive equipment against costly damage. It offers a high sensible cooling capacity, plus a 14 SEER rating, made possible by an energy-saving, variable-speed inverter compressor and inverter fan motors. Additional green features include R-410A refrigerant and RoHS compliance. The CM25 comes standard with a state-of-the-art, wall-mounted controller that offers advanced communications, monitoring and self-diagnosis capabilities. The CM25 fits in tight spaces at just 20” tall. A built-in mounting bracket, flanges and vibration isolators allow easy installation above a drop ceiling, using standard, off-the-shelf hardware. Its unique self-contained design also eliminates the need for refrigerant connections, further reducing installation costs. For more information, visit
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