Rooftop Units

April 1, 2012
Exhaust-recovery ventilator The EnergyX energy-recovery ventilator (ERV) is now offered as a fully integrated, factory-installed option on WeatherMaster

Exhaust-recovery ventilator

The EnergyX energy-recovery ventilator (ERV) is now offered as a fully integrated, factory-installed option on WeatherMaster 48/50 HC rooftops units. The ERV pre-conditions outdoor air before it enters the rooftop-unit evaporator coil and uses building exhaust air as a heat-exchange source. It operates efficiently under a wide range of ambient temperatures. The EnergyX system achieves a combined efficiency factor (CEF) of up to 17.0 and offers the potential to reduce costs by downsizing the base rooftop unit while still meeting ventilation requirements. — Carrier
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Packaged unit with hot-gas reheat

The Series 10 single-packaged unit combines efficiency ratings of up to 15 SEER and ease of installation in a light-commercial unit. A hot-gas-reheat option efficiently reuses hot gas from the cooling cycle to allow for dehumidification without increasing sensible cooling and without the need for electric or gas heating. — Johnson Controls
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Packaged rooftop units

RQ Series packaged rooftop units feature a double-wall, rigid-polyurethane-foam-insulated cabinet and direct-drive,backward-curved plenum fans to allow quiet, energy-efficient airflow and high static-pressure capabilities. RQ units are available as air-cooled-condenser packaged rooftop units; air-source, water-source, or geothermal heat pumps; 100-percent-outside-air units; and chilled-water or non-compressorized air handlers. Heating is available in hot-water, steam, electric, and gas-heating configurations. RQ Series units are available in capacities from 2 to 6 tons. — AAON
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Integrated air and water system

Designed for full-service restaurants, the H2AC packaged rooftop unit with eSync Integration Technology provides an integrated air and water solution by delivering air conditioning and water heating from a single source. The unit uses the heat from an HVAC system that normally would be rejected into the atmosphere to heat water by switching from a refrigerant-to-air system to a refrigerant-to-water system when a restaurant has demand for air conditioning and hot water. — Rheem
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Packaged gas/electric units

CPG 6- to 20-ton packaged gas/electric units are designed to provide uncomplicated installation options and efficient cooling in an easy-to-service unit. The units are delivered with lugs, full-perimeter rails, and standard 2-in. filters. They feature single-point service access, Goodman's TuffTube tubular heat exchanger, a high-efficiency scroll compressor, copper tube/aluminum fin coils, R-410A refrigerant, a high-capacity steel-cased filter dryer, and a UV-resistant powder-paint finish. CPG units are covered by a 20-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5-year limited parts warranty. — Goodman
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Exclusive fan technology

The Energence line of 3- to 50-ton rooftop units combines efficient performance with the intelligent Prodigy control system, standard on every unit, to achieve a low total cost of ownership. Lennox's exclusive multi-stage air volume (MSAV) supply-fan technology, factory-installed on 7.5- to 25-ton units, helps to reduce energy use and dramatically lower energy costs. The MSAV supply fan uses a patent-pending variable-frequency drive to lower airflow during part-load cooling, heating, ventilation, and free-cooling modes. — Lennox
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Gas packs for the retrofit market

R6GP Series packaged gas/electric 7.5 and 10-ton rooftop units are designed for the retrofit market. They fit most standard rooftop applications and can be adapted for exceptions or converted to horizontal airflow with a kit. The units feature a full-perimeter base-rail system with rigging holes and forklift slots on three sides. The three-phase units are rated at 11.2 EER and use R-410A refrigerant. R6GP models come with a one-year commercial parts warranty, a five-year limited compressor warranty, and a 10-year limited heat-exchanger warranty. — Mammoth
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