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Feb. 22, 2012
Fundamental Analysis Methods for Heating and Cooling Systems
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February 22, 2012
'Gen Y Guy' to Kick off Mechanical Systems Week 2012


Fundamental Analysis Methods for Heating and Cooling Systems

By JESSICA GRANDERSON, PhD, MARY ANN PIETTE, and BENJAMIN ROSENBLUM, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, Calif.; DAN HARRIS, PE, New Buildings Institute, Vancouver, Wash.; and R. LILY HU, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The new “Energy Information Handbook: Applications for Energy-Efficient Building Operations” targets users with little or no experience analyzing data and monitoring performance. It includes 18 methods of analyzing utility, interval-meter, and submetered energy and control-system data, as well as overviews of manual and automated fault detection and diagnostics. This article provides an overview of the content of the handbook and the subset of analysis methods applicable to the operation of heating and cooling systems.

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Learn How to Increase Occupant Productivity with Energy-Efficient Building Design – at the 2012 Carrier Global Engineering Conference Bill Browning, principal of Terrapin Bright Green, LLC, will speak at the 2012 Carrier Global Engineering Conference about the benefits of energy-efficient building design, and the effects on employee comfort and productivity. Mr. Browning will discuss how a one-percent increase in building occupant productivity, through changes in lighting, heating and cooling, can realize a savings that exceeds an organization's entire energy bill.


ASHRAE Rebranding Itself to Reflect Expanding Role

Acknowledging what it sees as the broadening of its scope from HVACR to the total building environment, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is repositioning itself with a refreshed logo, a new tagline, and a change to using only its acronym.

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Metraflex Introduces Free Wall-Penetration-Seal App

The Metraflex Co., the Chicago-based manufacturer of specialty piping products, recently launched a free application for iPhone/iPad and Android that helps users quickly calculate the links required to fill pipe gaps in wall penetrations.

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ASHRAE Seeking Papers for 2013 Winter Conference

ASHRAE is accepting proposals for papers for its 2013 Winter Conference, to be held Jan. 26-30 in Dallas.

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Hurst Boiler Launches New Website

Hurst Boiler & Welding Company Inc., the Coolidge, Ga.-based manufacturer of energy-efficient boilers and boiler-room solutions, recently launched an enhanced corporate Website at

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'Gen Y Guy' to Kick off Mechanical Systems Week 2012

Jason Ryan Dorsey, perhaps better known as "The Gen Y Guy," a best-selling author and award-winning entrepreneur with a unique talent for teaching ready-to-use actions and creative strategies that quickly increase cross-generational performance, will share his insights on generational differences in the workplace during the opening keynote event for Mechanical Systems Week 2012, to be held Sept. 19-21 in Chicago.

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