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New Products - April 2009

April 1, 2009
Indoor air handlers Extended-size Vision indoor air handlers are an alternative to multiple air handlers or custom systems for high cubic-feet-per-minute

Indoor air handlers

Extended-size Vision indoor air handlers are an alternative to multiple air handlers or custom systems for high cubic-feet-per-minute applications. Available in capacities of up to 100,000 cfm with coil face areas of up to 160 sq ft, the units can be used for projects in which indoor-air quality and high fresh-air volume are required. Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute-certified, the units measure up to 122 in. high and 228 in. wide. A variable-dimensioning feature allows cabinet-sizing in increments of 4 in. in width and 2 in. in height. Retractable lifting lugs provide a balanced load during installation. A heavy-duty base rail, up to 12 in. high, handles heavier component loads and allows for adequate condensate trapping. A splice collar provides a section-to-section fit and seal without additional nuts, bolts, screws, gasketing, or caulking. Fan selections include double-width, double-inlet airfoil wheels of up to 49 in. in diameter; single-width, single-inlet (SWSI) airfoil plenum fans of up to 66 in. in diameter; and dual SWSI airfoil plenum fans of up to 49 in. in diameter.
McQuay International
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Heat pumps

Available in 10-, 20-, and 30-ton units, modular Airstack ASP aerothermal air-to-water heat pumps have a small footprint and can integrate into a two-pipe system. The heat pumps allow for system expansion as cooling and heating demands increase.
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Hybrid cooling technology

When combined with conventional HVAC units, Ice Bear integrated energy-storage technology creates a hybrid cooling system. The system stores cooling energy at night by freezing water in an insulated storage tank. It cools during the day by circulating chilled refrigerant from the tank to an air-conditioning system.
Ice Energy
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Indoor-air-purification systems

Chloraguard gas-phase indoor-air-purification systems are factory-installed on Dry-O-Tron heat-recovery dehumidifiers or can be field-retrofitted to any existing dehumidifier. The systems' vertical footprints are designed to fit small spaces.
Dectron Inc.
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Combustion analyzers

BTU 2000+ gas analyzers monitor oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, excess air, and efficiency in light-commercial boilers/burners. The analyzers include a built-in printer, a magnetic rubber boot, a universal-serial-bus cable, and field-replaceable parts and sensors.
E Instruments Group LLC
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Piping systems

For chilled- and condensing-water, radiant-heating, mission-critical, and industrial applications, Climatherm polypropylene piping systems are recyclable. Because the piping systems use a heat-fusion connection, toxic materials, glues and resins, and open flames are unnecessary.
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Industrial air filters

Able to be exposed to harsh environments and cleaned frequently, industrial air filters can be used in small or large applications that require an array of media options for increased airflow and dust holding. The media can be specified as a flat panel for lower-profile installations or roll-pleated for increased surface area to reduce pressure drop and increase airflow, dust holding, or mist elimination in outdoor applications.
Universal Air Filter Co.
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HVAC drives

A new feature on VLT HVAC drives allows users to run two motors simultaneously from the drive or bypass. Multiple drives no longer are needed to control multiple motors, resulting in reduced up-front costs and a smaller solution footprint.
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